Bellevue Village Council member Hannah Coy reveals gag violation in Terpening criminal case

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Hannah Coy, a member of the Bellevue, Michigan Village Council and a vocal Terpening Follower seems to have had inside information in advance of the last hearing, information only held by the defense.

Your humble correspondent was served about 8pm, at home, with a subpoena on Sunday, May 20, 2012 to appear at the motion hearing scheduled on May 23, 2012 at 1:30pm. Service was made by a process server on behalf of the Defendant, Michael Terpening.

Hannah Coy Justice for Michael Terpening Witness Served CommentThe next, May 21, 2012, Hannah Coy posted a message on the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page obviously referring to the subpoena having been served the night before. There were no other defense witnesses served shortly before or after for this hearing.

In any event, the gag order prevents the parties from discussing the case. How could Hannah Coy know this information before the subpoena was even returned to the Circuit Court if the information did not come from Michael Terpening or someone on his defense team?

Amazingly, one of the people's representative's on the Bellevue Village Council actually complains about information published on this website lawfully obtained through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act as being subject to the court's gag order yet she is clearly privy to information in this case even before the judge.

Does justice only work when it favors Michael Terpening? The publishing of the word for word transcript of the preliminary hearing where witness after witness talks about Terpening's sexual acting out should be off limits to the public, even though they are public record? Even though anyone can visit the Barry County Clerk's office and read transcripts of the 2004 Preliminary Hearing are we to be censored?

Yet, when Michael Terpening gives Councilmember Coy obviously case information she feels it right  to chortle online? Really, Hannah, what kind of justice do you want?