the abusive marriage of jerry and jamie bell 

March 15, 2012

Domestic violence is always a serious crime any violence against anyone is a serious crime. This website presents this story in asking the question, how does an apparent victim of domestic assault utilizing the Michigan State Police, the Barry County Prosecutor and our courts get off showing up on television and in videos telling the public law enforcement and the courts are corrupt? How does this person dare use those services she would deny to the alleged victims of Michael Terpening.

Everyone deserves their day in court, right? And a viewer of this website wrote to tell us Jamie was in court earlier this week with her husband who is charged with domestic violence, presumably against Ms. Moore Bell.

On January 22, 2012, a call went to the Michigan State Police from Jamie Moore Bell's home. Did she need help? The State Police arrested her husband, Jerry Bell that evening. February 3, 2012 the Barry County Prosecutor formally charged Mr. Bell with Domestic Violence.

Were the State Troopers showing up at Moore Bell's home to help her, risking their safety reminded how corrupt they are? Now that the same Barry County Prosecutor who charged Michael Terpening has charged Moore Bell's husband why have we not been treated to a new campaign against the prosecutor?

Domestic violence calls can be some of the most dangerous police work, and Jerry Bell sure is a concern. The felon Moore Bell married when her were about 8 and 11 was still serving a state probation sentence for Assault with Dangerous Weapon (Felonious Assault).

During the course of the marriage Jerry Bell earned his third drunk driving sentence and now faces, yet, another charge involving violence. Mr. Bell's criminal record reaches back to 1989 (see link below for criminal record)

How does Jamie Moore Bell dare step on the public stage telling the public their law enforcement is corrupt? How does Jamie Moore Bell  dare pretend to be know anything about what Michael Terpening did when she chooses a violent felon to her children's step father for more than a decade?