why is mike sharing with susan ward gillihan?

The image on this page is stunning. On January 6, 2012 the Barry County Prosecutor made an oral motion requesting the court issue a gag orderTerpening Releases Information to Susan Ward Gillihan and Others

 in the case of accused child rapist, Michael Terpening. The Court requested the parties in the case provide written briefs by January 11, 2012.

The very day Terpening's lawyers had to meet the deadline set by the court Michael Terpening received a Child Protective Services report detailing the results of a child abuse investigation, as well as a copy of the hand written letter of an alleged victim in this case.

Mike Terpening forwards the information in the case on to Susan Ward Gillihan and former Terpening Follower, Jennifer. 

In the criminal cases Mr. Terpening faces he presently has 3 lawyers on record as representing him. Did Terpening think Susan Ward Gillihan and the other Terpening Followers are his secret weapon?

What possible legitimate purpose could exists in disseminating this information?