jamie moore bell's hubby, violent felon jerry lee bell

Jerry apparently did not get the message that the Terpening Followers are to run silent and deep. This website has received quite a few late night messages from Jerry.

However, this man whose emails include the prefix, "DKDx5" standing for Delton Kellogg Dad times 5 for his 3 kids and Jamie's 2 apparently forgets his instructions after tipping a few..

At the recent bond violation hearing  Bell told the court he was lying when he told State Police on the way to jail, in a recorded conversation, his wife Jamie Moore Bell was having daily contact with Michael Terpening. Both Jamie Moore Bell and Michael Terpening face felony insurance fraud cases and are court ordered to have no contact with one another.

For this writer, more stunning in the emails received and from witness reports is the extensive contact Mr. Bell had with the young people placed in Terepning's group home, known as The House Next Door.

The Delton Kellogg Dad would not be allowed to volunteer at any school with his violent felony record, yet he spent a great deal of time with the kids at The House Next Door a place he could not have worked. In one conversation with a former resident this writer was told of the obvious and clear alcohol abuse issues of Jerry Lee Bell known to all.

Mike, why was this man ever around these young people?