Is laura adams about village thinking or does laura adams contribute to village stinking in Battle creek?

Laura Adams outing the names of teen victims of sexual assault on her blog was stunning. Her publishing a story saying one of the victims is a sexual predator quoting the defendant, Michael Terpening, was just cruel clearly serving a defendant who wanted to intimidate a victim. (Click here to read the story)Laura Adams, The Village Thinker

Examining Adam's Facebook and blogs reveals troubling questions about her character. Ms Adams apparently does not follow the general tenants of reporting when it comes to publishing possibly harmful information about kids.

Separate from the Terpening case, where she names two victims, one by first, middle and last name so he appears at the top in a Google search, The Village Thinker sits in her house taking pictures of pre-teens throwing rocks.

What;\'s interesting about the rock throwing incident is she accuses the kids of vandalism, but reports, "I checked the vans over and there didn't appear to be any damage."

Laura Adams also makes repeated allegations of gun shots in her neighborhood on Facebook?

But is any of it true?

When this writer reached out to Laura Adams to see if she might rethink publishing the names of victims of sexual abuse her immediate filth laden rant was shocking. Adams was not even willing to have a conversation. Later that night Laura Adams posted comments giving my full name and accusing me of being a stalker, something she repeated on different online forums. Her allegations did not come close to representing what amounted to less than a minute conversation mainly filled with Adams cursing before she ended the call actually saying  I could talk to her when I was more civil. It could not have been a more one sided conversation. There was no opportunity  to be uncivil.

Her reporting about me was entirely nonsense. How can anyone trust anything she says?

So who is Laura Adams? For one thing she is a tax scofflaw. Tax records show The Village Thinker presently owes more than $3,000 in taxes to the City of Battle Creek after a lien was filed in March of this year.

Laura Adams also sits on the board of the Heritage Battle Creek which operates the Kimball House Museum and the Battle Creek Historical Society.  In addition, she is a staffer at Community Inclusive Recreation in Battle Creek, a place Adams listed on her blog as her office.

Adams apparently has ingratiated herself to local politicians and a number of organizations, however for this writer Laura Adams is little more than a Village Stinker. She published names of teens victimized by an alleged child predator in a way one comes up first in Google.

Imagine the punishment for that young man when he goes to get a job if the boss Google's his name and finds Laura's story calling the victim a sex offender based on comments by HIS alleged perpetrator? That young man stood up against child abuse. He does not deserve more abuse at the hands of any Village Stinker, and certainly not Laura Adams.

It is time for Laura Adams to stop abusing kids in the community.