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From The Village Thinker, a  blogger (click to read). The media does not give the names of alleged victims of sexual assaults, but Laura Adams, Laura Adams Battle Creek the publisher of The Village Thinker blog has no problem publishing her support for Michael Terpening while also publishing the names of an alleged victim along with apparently detailed case specific information about this young man from the time he was placed at Earth Services, a placement for young people run by Michael Terpening. The alleged victim was under 18 at the time of placement.

Adams attributes the  case sensitive information to Mike Terpening. If Terpening released this information about a client of Earth Services he  have violated state law. In the blog post, Ms. Adams attributes the following quote to Michael Terpening stating the alleged victim, �has made 6-7 other false allegations like this in the past�.  Also, �he molested his little sister and told his foster family he was going to kill them. �

While a witness can be cross examined in court on such matters, for Terpening to take it upon himself to spread allegations outside a court of law begs the question, is this just anything more than an attempt top abuse a witness?

The media does not name victims of sexual assaults, and it is wrong for the Followers like Laura Adams to do it using ONLY information she gets from the defendant.

Update January 29, 2012- The Village Stinker Strikes Again!

Ms. Adams complains of contact made, not with her, but with her employer. Ms. Adams works from a non-profit in Battle Creek, promoted her position at the non-profit and gives the telephone number of the non-profit and addres as her contact for her blog, The Village Thinker.

Sadly, Ms. Adams has not been very truthful about her contact with this writer. The fact she answered the phone does not mean she was stalked.

Ms. Adams complains in her blog that she's been criticized for publishing the name of Rodney on her blog. Again, Laura Adams has not been honest with the reader. Laura Adams is correct Rodney has appeared in local media resulting in his name being in the news.

In addition to posting Rodney's name, Ms. Adams also posted the name of Brian, another victim in this case while also publishing information from Brian's Department of Human Resources file she attributes to Michael Terpening. Michael Terpening releasing any information he has from the confidential case file is a violation of state and federal privacy laws. (click to read)

Ms. Adams revised her comments and the content about Brian after this writer contacted the office Laura Adams works from. Later we found Ms. Adams posted duplicate ratings where she, once again, publishes Brian's first, middle and last name under a post, "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness." We've screen shot the post below after editing out the young man's name.

Update January 31, 2012- The Village Stinker Stinks More Than Ever!

Despite the dishonest complaint Laura Adams against this writer saying she only named the victim who publically recanted, who chose to appear on television, she nonetheless reposted her original disgusting publishing of another victim's name on another blog site. She named this young man seven times.

This sick cut and paste even quotes Michael Terpening giving her confidential information, if true, he had no business releasing to anyone as it is protected information contained in the young man's Department of Human Resources case file. Mr. Terpening, in releasing this information (assuming he's told the truth) has violated both federal and state privacy laws, and Ms. Adams has no problem publishing this information to the web, despite her relationship with a non-profit organization that helps people in need who is bound by the same privacy laws.

Ignore the dishonest comments about not actually naming the victim with the subterfuge of pretending she was being picked on and it was the kid who went public, the real question this writer has is how does anyone allow this person around special needs people when Laura Adams clearly lacks the character to respect the privacy of our most vulnerable?

Update February 27, 2012- A Win for Victims of Sexual Assault

A number of quiet conversations with a non-profit affiliated with Laura Adams and a victim advocacy group paid off today when we learned Laura Adams has removed the blog posts naming one of the victims in the Michael Terpening case. Adams published information about one victim, naming him by first, middle and last name, she attributed to Michael Terpening, himself. Googling this young man by name immediately returned this information posted by Adams and others.

In her blog post, Adams, quoting Terpening, accused the young man of sex crimes based on information in the young man's Department of Human Services file. Adams does not question whether or not the information Terpening provided. Regardless,  Terpening had a legal obligation to keep all DHS information confidential, the information in those files is for treating kids and improving their lives, not defending Michael Terpening.

One would think posting what a defendant tells you about his alleged victims would be done with some caution. The media routinely does not post the names of victims of sexual assault. Ms. Adams could have told her story using a first name, only. Instead, Adams decided to punish a young man in placement for coming forward, a punishment that could have lasted a lifetime when anyone Googled his name.

This website is grateful for all the help in expressing to Laura Adams the importance of not naming victims of sex crimes and convincing her to remove her blog posts naming a victim.

UPDATE April 15, 2012- Laura Adams is not done with the victims of Michael Terpening

Apparently the so called Village Thinker is still angry with this website. A search of a victim's name in this case revealed, once again, her blog comes up high when Googled. This teenager who stepped forward along with 4 other victims and 4 employees of Earth Services, the House Next Door does not deserve Laura Adam's judgment for the rest of his life. He should be able to get a job without worrying about Laura Adams need to abuse him coming into question if a prospective employer checks him out.

Sadly, following Michael Terpening's latest arrest for being around children in violation of his bond, being in contact with a witness in the case and moving away from his address without the court does not convince people like Laura Adams to stop being his mouth piece.

This website will do something today we've not done before, we will make it clear we plan to strongly stand up to Laura Adams, her employer, and those who support the self appointed Village Thinker who so carelessly attacks victims of sexual abuse. It's wrong and we will shout it from the rooftops until it is put right!

What kind of serious activist or person with any  community interest, at all, wants Laura Adams, the Village Thinker their midst? Stay tuned and find out.



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