did the prosecutor offer michael terpening a terrific plea deal? no jail, really mike?

Seriously, just the facts Mr. Terpening, when can we get just the facts?

Michael Terpening and his Followers apparently don't get it. Mr. Terpening is accused of creating and operating a facility for young men where the mission everyone thought he was on was to help his residents thrive in our society. Terpening obtained a license from the State of Michigan, Department of Human Services to work the mission everyone thought he was out to accomplish.

Mr. Terpening is alleged to have obtained his victims from courts who told young people they were committed to Earth Services by court order. Kids who left Earth Services could be charged with additional charges for leaving the care of Michael Terpening. When reports were made to those courts about the progress of the kids in the care of Earth Services changed, forever.

In other words, the citizens of the State of Michigan entrusted Michael Terpening with more power in a young man's life than his parents had or that you have in your child's life; and he is accused of using of abusing that trust and using the State of Michigan to supply Terpening with already vulnerable, ready to abuse young men who thought Earth Services was one more chance to get their lives on track before going out on their own.

Plea deal? This repeated claim, backed up by nothing? Just the word of Michael Terpening, the same guy telling people not to visit this website because it has a virus and who tells us he has been repeatedly hacked. (see it here!)

Michael Terpening plea deal

Is it legal?

As always our good friends over at the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page supply us with the answer. The question, this time is, can it even be true?

Not likely.

When Terpening was first charged, police were already speaking of the fifth victim Michael Terpening is accused of sexually assaulting. (see WOOD TV Story)

The two counts involving the fifth alleged victim are 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for each of CSC in the first degree when it involves a child less than 13 years old and the offender is 17 years or older.( Click here to read the law from the Michigan Legislature website. ) The Prosecuting Attorney's office does not have the discretion to offer a plea deal of probation, as suggested by the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page as such a sentence would not be allowed by law as the case is charged and as posited by Mr. Terpening online.

Maybe we will get an explanation how the prosecutor plans to get around the law to give Mr. Terpening a deal...This website offers him as much space as he needs to help us understand this latest claim.

Final thought