Is there dna in the criminal case of michael terpening?

They're back! Apparently down to just 3 Terpening Followers, Jamie Moore Bell and Susan Ward Gillihan
have created a new blog to promote the cause of Michael Terpening, who faces as much as life in prison for charges of sexually abusing young people.

 They have Katie Rucinski following, but so far no one else seems interested in supporting the remaining Terpening Followers.

Never fear, this website is on the job!

The county system, corrupt? Yes, we've all heard about it from the Terpening Followers, and it's been debunked. Now, they would add the Barry County Sheriff's Office to their list of corrupt officials?

This writer can assure everyone when Susan Ward Gillihan
, Keri Terpenning, former Follower Jennifer and Jamie Moore Bell called the Barry County Sheriff's Department to complain about this website, there were two substantial conversations with a sergeant who took their 4 complaints very seriously.

And Sheriff Dar Leaf, himself, was present at Terpening's bond violation hearing and when the judge left it up to court room deputies whether to remove Terpening's handcuffs, Sheriff Leaf allowed Terpening to sit for the hearing without being cuffed.

The Sheriff's Department is run by an elected Sheriff, and so far none of the arrests involving Michael Terpening even involved the Barry County Sheriff's Office. Terpening's home is typically covered by the Michigan State Police.

Apparently, the Terpening Followers also think getting visits while in jail by your bondsman is some kind of right.

The Sheriff's Department posts on their website how visitation works. Mr. Terpening gets one 30 minute visit each week. If he chooses to use that time to spend with his bail bondsman, he has that choice. One would think he'd prefer to spend it with his wife, but with Michael Terpening, who knows?

Illegal cash bond? Michael Terpening faces life in prison on the 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct charges, alone, filed earlier this year. While Terpening is asking the court to change the terms of this bond at a hearing scheduled on April 27, 2012, if the court's order following the Bond Violation Hearing is were, "illegal" Terpening could appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

It is a serious bond for a man who was told to stay away from kids, and went to a party where minors were present. It is a serious bond for a man who told the court he was living one place and was found somewhere else. It is a serious bond for a man who was told to stay away from victims in the case but goes to a party where a victim is present.

As for the medical concerns, one wonders where the Terpening Followers are getting their information? Is it coming from the Mike at the 30 minute visits once a week? Is it coming from his lawyers who surely have advised the Terpening Followers end posting informatin on the web as their acting out directly led to Terpening's being found out and put in jail?

Plea deal? Really? After this campaign accusing public officials of corruption what possible reason would there be any reason to offer a deal? We've addressed that issue, click here to read about it. This website's posted the damning word for word testimony of witnesses of just some of the witnesses against Terpening in the lesser offenses from the September Preliminary Exam.

The outcome of this trial may very well be death in prison for Michael Terpening. If so, he made this choice by his abuse of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, but if it comes sooner, as claimed by the Terpening Followers, the blood is on their hands for their need to have a St. Patrick's Day party with kids and a witness present.

Still, the Terpening Follower's history is to mislead, misinform and outright make up. This writer believes Michael Terpening will get his day in court, despite whatever games the Terpening Followers play in the interim.