terpening's threats and intimidation?

Much of the content Michael Terpening and the Terpening Followers publish may strike some for its consistent negative, sometimes almost paranoid, and often malevolent point of view. Will the public believe Terpening is a victim of false accusations? Do people epxect a child welfare leader surrounds himself with people calling witnesses liars outside courts of law? Do  juvenile justice leaders have people in their circle that include a potty mouthed grandma and a two time drunk driver who finds conspiracies around every corner? What about Laura Adams, a blogger, who released alleged confidential foster care case details about one alleged victim she attributed to Michael Terpening, if true a stunning violation of the young man's privacy, as well as state and federal laws.

When Jen, a then Terpening Follower phoned this writer, she shared the Followers were, "Under instructions not to feed the troll" referring to an on-going exchange of comments about Rodney's recant video; suggesting the Followers work is coordinated by Mike Terpening.

Terpening, himself, commented in a post on December 28, 2011 on Mlive.com  telling readers of Terpening's hand is in the effort to encourage Rodney to recant.  That information is not available anywhere else and who would expect a suspect  to know details of what led to someone recanting, free of the appearance of  witness tampering? Of course we now know Terpening Follower Jen, was in the car when the video was created along with Jamie Moore Bell and Susan Gillihan Ward.

Some of what is presented to "expose" persecution is  bizarre. Mr. Terpening and the Terpening Followers repeatedly publish a so called, Letter of Confession, from Rodney, the recanting witness, containing statement that Rodney signed a notarized, therefore sworn, statement to the effect the allegations Rodney  made against Terpening are false. So far, they've failed, really refused, to publish the actual sworn statement they claim to possess. More puzzling is the they tell us Rodney's sworn statement was made in July 2011, yet we know Rodney testified against Terpening at a  September 2011 Preliminary Hearing. Terpening's lawyer did not challenge Rodney on what would been perjury, at that time.

If such a document exists, why present the, Letter of Confession, at all?

The same is true of the, so called, misconduct by an assistant prosecuting attorney. Rather than publishing an odd conspiracy laden theory as fact, why not order the transcripts and publish the proof positive? Or did they just make it up?

This website does not judge the guilt of Michael Terpening, a jury of his peers will make that decision. There is no hesitation, therefore, in giving ideas to a man who claims he is innocent. So, hey, Mike where are the kids who've gone on to have better lives because of your work?

We've got a good look at your Followers, Mike, we've seen a strange recant, people calling kids liars and your aunt sticking her tongue out at witnesses in court; but where are the kids stepping forward to share what they got out of their Earth Services experience and their contact with you?