katie sue rucinski, the proud terpening follower

Followers like Susan Ward Gillihan, Hannah Coy and Jamie Moore Bell are undeniable abusers, abusing those not inKatie Rucinski, The Troubled Chipmonk, Follower of Micheal Terpening

 agreement. Their connection to one another is obvious. Their connection to Michael Terpening is easy to presume given the level of coordination. Katie Rucinski, has joined their ranks in a big way.

Katie is something of a later comer. She once limited her comments to disagreement on forums like, MLIVE.com, stating, "Mike Terpening is innocent he has not done any of these crimes. I have known him for 10 or 15 years and also volunteered at earth for 3 months maybe more." Rucinski stopped posting under her own name on January 8, 2012, and the link for her Facebook page listed on MLIVE.com no longer exists.

Rucinski began appearing under the Facebook moniker, Troubled Chipmonk, and she became more active, focusing on writing that repeats old, discredited Terpening Follower strategies. Just February 27, she changed her Facebook name to, "Katie Rucinski Terpening Follower."

Katie started a blog late in January, possibly dedicated to repeating Followers work. Sadly, naming victims of sexual abuse in the case is not enough for Katie,Katie Rucinski Hacking Allegation

 this Follower provides the first, middle and last name of one victim while naming Mike Terpening's 11 year old developmentally disabled son on her blog. The child was recently charged with sex crimes, although those charges were dropped after it was determined the child was not competent to stand trial.

Rucinski seeks to breathe new life into the hacking narrative Mike Terpening, himself, was promoting and has since stopped after this website criticized the Followers repeatedly making claims of hacking. 

Katie must not have got the message, hacking is a crime. If Katie beleived she was hacked, she can and should contact the police rather than using the long since discredited ploy.

Terpening facebook hacked?Rucinski's blog, further, continues the Terpening Follower's practice of misleading readers about themselves leaving this writer to wonder how she expects anyone to accept with any credibility what she presents to the public...Here is just one example...

Rucinski, until this story posted, told visitors to her facebook page, "I help take care of the kids. do hands on activities and so far love every minute of it"

As can be seen in the image at the bottom, Rucinski explains her leaving the daycare volunteer position as being the result of her not liking the position feeding animals are more understanding.

 The contradiction is obvious, but of greater concern is Rucinski's apparent motivation for working with kids carries with it some requirement those she serves have a level of understanding?

Ms. Rucinski  encountered Mike Terpening before the existence of the group home.  One wonders how, if she has little information into Terpening's relationships with young people, she come so firmly to the conclusion he is innocent of the more than a dozen counts of sex crimes against boys?

This website does not suggest Michael Terpening is guilty. Guilt is for a jury to decide, but it is fair to ask why we should believe someone who posts the names of victims and children on her blog, and offers little information to support the conclusion she and the other Terpening Followers demand the public accept.

Katie Sue Rucinski

Katie Rucinski

Have to admit liking this message from Katie before the Follower profile appeared on this website. At the time she was still calling herself, "Troubled Chipmonk on her Facebook page. So far no arrest...Just another cheap threat and miscalculation from a Follower.

Katie Rucinski says we cannot figure out who she is


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