so what is the relationship between battle creek police chief Jackie Hampton and terpening follower Laura Adams, the so called village thinker? 

July 31, 2012

There is no doubt in an age of new media doing off beat work like this website does covering accused child predator Michael Terpening people are sometimes appear to be caught with their pants down in stories written about them which would never appear in a newspaper. How they choose to react to those stories is usually what makes trouble for them, and they usually choose to ignore the story.

This website's done a lot of writing on the so called Village Thinker of Battle Creek, Laura Adams. Adams ingratiates herself with local groups and leaders with some public profile, even being invited to sit on boards of directors of local non-profits while using her blog to name victims of sexual assault and take pictures of kids accusing them of crimes.

We are newer media but who wouldn't want to know these answers to these questions... When you find out Laura AdamsJackie Hampton Battle Creek Police accuses authorities of making up allegations of child abuse and being corrupt, do you want that person involved with your group? When Village Thinking includes naming a victim online repeatedly, doesn't this Adams affiliation with you hurt your organization with the wider community? When Laura Adams is posting pictures she's taken of pre-teens throwing rocks on her blog, accusing them of vandalism while admitting she could find no damage, is this someone to welcome into circles of leadership in Batle Creek? Finally, when Laura Adams idea of Village Thinking is to post what some would consider paranoid concerns about the Battle Creek Public Schools following her work online isn't it time for local leaders to stop using Laura Adams to promote their work?

This website, over six months, criticized Laura Adams repeatedly naming a victim of sexual assault. The teen stepped forward kicking off an investigation leading to the uncovering of 11 alleged victims of Michael Terpening and criminal charges scheduled for trial later this fall in Barry County. The so called Village Thinker of Battle Creek quotes the defendant accusing his alleged victim of sexual abuse in four separate articles usinf the kid's first, middle and last name. Imagine what happens if even a Burger King manager Google's the kid's name when applying for a job. Imagine the consequences for that victim for decades to follow if Laura Adam's work remained unchallenged.

Jackie Hampton Battle Creek Police Laura AdamsOver six months,  after reaching to the local non-profit providing office space and a phone for Laura Adam's activities, and after emails were sent to hundreds in Battle Creek the Village Thinker Blog and all the articles were finally removed from the web. Given the proximity of articles appearing on this website, messages sent to the non-profit helping Adams and a video of their executive director, it is hard to conclude the bright light this website shone on Village Thinking had nothing to do with Adams decision to cease her special brand of abuse of others.

Isn't the bottom line Laura Adams is a bit of a crank who ingratiates her way into circles of leadership in Battle Creek? The Village Thinker brags about sitting in her house  taking pictures of kids walking by picking up rocks, corrupt authorities trying to fashion Michael Terpening into a child predator while worrying about what evil the Battle Creek Public Schools may be up by reading her blog. Would you invite Laura over for dinner? Do you want her around your family? Isn't this someone whom we would otherwise see in the street, say hello to and keep walking hoping she does not rope you into a conversation?

Jackie Hampton, the police chief in Battle Creek, takes publicity pictures with Laura Adams. Laura Adams wears her neighborhood watch shirt and brings her glove. This website asked Chief Hampton for a comment  by email, twice. No answer. We contacted Chief Adams and left a voicemail and got no response. Still nothing.

It's a simple question, Chief Hampton, is Laura Adams the kind of person you want so closely affiliated with your department?