why do mike and the terpening followers make up facts? Will they take up this challenge?

July 20, 2012

The question this writer most often asks about Michael Terpening is, "Was Mike Terpening ever really a leader in child welfare with all we've seen him do since his arrest?" Getting an invitation to appear on behalf of the defense I got to see a Michael Terpening hearing in person followed by the weirdest interpretation of those proceedings imaginable by Michael Terpening and his cult like Followers.

I was asked by Terpening's defense lawyer about contact with an attorney. I responded the attorney called me the night TerpeningMichael Terpening July 13 Hearing was let out of jail. When asked if I'd had any other contact of any other form with that attorney my answer was, "Not then or since."

As readers can see for themselves the Terpening Followers create their own fact. Oddly enough they do not bother to repeat what was said in court and accuse this writer of perjury, they just make up their own story. Anyone got a friend they spoke to once for about a minute?

To clarify, even if the Terpening Followers allegations were true, the attorney in question is not gagged.  (click here to read the gag order) The only people gagged are the parties to the two criminal sexual conduct cases and their agents. Witnesses are not gagged, this website is not gagged, the newspaper is not gagged. Can we be honest, the gag came about because of Michael Terpening it was not because the prosecution was being mean.

Our good friend and Terpening Follower, Hannah Coy adds to the strange interpretation of facts in her comments on the contacts with the Barry County Prosecutor and the aforementioned lawyer.

Hannah Coy making up facts about prosecutorIt is true this writer spoke one time with the Barry County Prosecutor. He contacted me because he hadn't met the statutory deadline for turning over documents requested through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He called to ask if a few days delay would be a problem.

Hannah Coy gets some of her premise wrong when she talks about the Barry County FOIA Coordinator. The Prosecutor, like the Sheriff, is an elected official. He is not a department head and each elected official is responsible for the operation of their office.

The FOIA requests in this case go back nearly 10 years and  and required victim names to be blacked out. Imagine that job, this website has some 700 pages of documents obtained through FOIA.

FOIA is governed by statute, the documents must be released and the judge, herself, stated she did not believe she had any authority to sanction anyone for obtaining ior handing over through FOIA documents which must be released to the public, by law.

Coy makes the allegation, albeit grammatically incorrect, that sources say this writer has been in daily contact with the lawyer, in question.

So here is a challenge. This writer is willing to make available any telephone, email, text or two cups and a string forms of communication to an impartial lawyer, picked by Terpening's lawyers and approved by me, to review any and all records relating to anything in my life they believe helpful. I will allow absolute access using passwords and user names to every financial account, business and personal, in order to locate anything to help shed light on the allegation's Coy's made. I will sign any document allowing the impartial lawyer to obtain any records of any kind from the beginning of time until my expiration directly from any bank, credit union, or any other company they need to explore the allegations Hannah Coy's stated.

There is exactly one condition, the people making the allegations need to pay for the lawyer, but if they find evidence for their claims, I will pay reimburse all their costs. This offer must be accepted no later than August 1, 2012.