helping the terpening followers understand...again!

July 14, 2012

Part of the story written yesterday was about the general appearance and conduct of Michael Terpening in court, along with hisSusan Ward Gillihan shrinking group of cult like Terpening Followers. Sadly, they missed the entire point being made, one that would be useful in the upcoming trial.

Before going there, though, can I just say I have it on great authority I am adorable and my short sleeve polo and jean shorts showing off my toned tanned legs was great. And the Felonious Granny, Susan Gillihan Ward noticed!

Susie may also want to take note I am not on trial for my life. I was there because Mike and his legal team thought they could play a game or two, and it backfired plus I got to meet and be threatened by Michael Terpening, himself!

For the benefit of the Terpening Followers who missed the point, and I agree it may have been subtle, when a man is on trial for his life it is not helpful to have the people supporting him show up in court looking like the a carnival side show; and for the record I am not sure what kind of professional Susan Ward Gillihan thinks Judth Faye is, but I my hunch is those types of professionals often appear in court as defendants not as so called advocates for justice complete with name tags. It was just weird.

Sitting on the witness stand you get a full on view of the court room. The jury will, too, and they will see what I saw. It is not respectful to the court to chew gum, so maybe someone mentions that point of etiquette to Michael before trial. You are not helping your accused child molester nephew when you appear to reflexively make sarcastic faces while a witness is talking, the jury will get the message the family is, well, not right shall we say? Perhaps Daddy Terpening shaves and sits with mom, even though they hate each other. After all their son is facing decades behind bars. If your good buddy, Mr. Timmons the Assyria Township Supervisor is going to show up, maybe he does not appear doing his version of Jed Clampett's Friday dress down day...

I can only advise readers to fasten a seat belt before reading this hilarious post on the Terpening Followers blog. So please enjoy, but also keep in mind the character of the writers. These are who you find around a man who would be a leader in child welfare in Michigan.

Oops, insinuating Jamie Moore Bell and Susan Ward Gillihan are lovers? What, where did that one come from? Wow...