An Alibi for terpening, or dishonesty?

The video in the lower right surely gets folks wondering, does Jamie Moore-Bell (Terpening's maternal aunt) actually have an alibi for Terpening for the alleged sexual assault on Resident A (so named in the Department of Human Services [DHS] Report)?

Ms Moore-Bell actually follows the general story Resident A tells of the day he was allegedly assaulted by Mike Terpening for the second time. Moore-Bell describes conversations with police stating she felt unsafe with Resident A not being jailed for assaulting another resident.  If Moore-Bell felt unsafe around Resident A, was Mike informed as would be procedure? In most agencies, contacting the police would require contacting the executive director as part of their standard crisis procedures. Where was Mike during the crisis?

In the DHS report, another resident and a farm worker reported seeing Michael Terpening with Resident A in the building about the time Resident A alleges the sexual assault took place. In the report Michael Terpening denies EVER being alone in the building with Resident A.

Moore-Bell  asking the police to arrest Resident A. She and the other staffer felt unsafe. Is Moore Bell actually telling us Terpening was not at the scene at the time of the alleged sexual assault?

In the end we are left with a simple question, "Where was Mike, Aunt Jamie?" If he was there, why did you leave him out of the story?

In the video below we examine Moore-Bell's statements in her recent interview along with statements in the DHS report.


DHS Licensing Report on Earth Services, the House Next Door


Final thought