kelly stokes, mike terpening's new york lawyer?

April 23, 2012

Kelly Stokes, a New York Lawyer, came to town last week calling on folks to learn about the Michael Terpening case. Stokes is an attorney with the Mallilo and Grossman works in the Flushing office of the law firm and specializes in handling personal injury matters and litigation. On the law firm website the firm says, "Ms. Stokes also has extensive experience handling complex cases such as civil rights cases, foster care abuse cases, nursing home abuse cases, labor law cases, trucking accidents, dram shop cases, elevator cases, and wrongful deaths cases."

A check with the Michigan Bar Association showed Stokes is not licensed to practice law in Michigan. Ms. Stokes has not notified the Barry County Circuit Court she intends to represent Terpening in the cases currently before the court.

Stokes called last week wanting to meet this writer as well as former Terpening Follower, Jennifer and the no longer recanting witness Rodney. Jen spoke with the office of the Attorney General who was not aware of Kelly Stokes.

None of the requests for interviews were granted.

Terpening currently has three lawyers on his case, yet his ability to follow legal advice and conform to the court orders in this case still seem to mystify this one time leader in child welfare. Can Kelly Stokes help Mike avoid prison in the upcoming trial currently scheduled for June 11, 2012?



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