Open letter to two local sheriff's departments, who is employing hannah coy in the jail?

July 17, 2012

Even as we take compliments from Michael Terpening's lawyers about our ability to accurately get information quickly and accurately form the courtroom to this website, sometimes we make mistakes. After contacting the Eaton County Sheriff's Department for comment on what was thought Hannah Coy's recent hire in to their department we were told Coy has not ever worked for the Eaton County Sheriff's Department.Hannah Coy working in law enforcement

How did this happen? When it was pointed out Hannah Coy, Village of Bellevue Council Member, was posting she would be working at, "the jail" on her Facebook page, she said she would be working for, "the county." Taking a leap that an elected official would call her county, "the county" the website went with Eaton County...This not being the case, we've appropriately edited previously stories to reflect accuracy.

The idea someone who accuses law enforcement of being dishonest while abusing folks who speak out against the publishing of the names of Michael Terpening's victims online is still a questionable place for Hannah Coy to work. To make sure we get the information right, the decision was made to send an open letter to the most likely sheriff's departments Hannah may refer to as, "the county", Calhoun and Barry.

Hannah Coy's abuse of others while joining in the nonsensical allegations of misconduct by law enforcement in the case of Michael Terpening goes beyond the pale of supporting a friend charged with a dozen sex offenses against kids. In our communities we benefit from superior and professional law enforcement. They have not earned the abuse of Michael Terpening and the Terpening Followers in their quest to relieve Mike Terpening of criminal charges by repeated public claims of misdeeds by law enforcement while publishing the names of Terpening's victims and making allegations about those same victims. And Hannah Coy, a key Terpening Follower working for any sheriff in any role must give the decent women and men of law enforcement serious pause.

There is no way any sheriff's department could know what all we know, it would not come up in the process of being hired. Today a letter went out sharing some of what they may want to know. I am not sure Hannah Coy is someone who has the character to have any association with any law enforcement agency.

This website makes no demand of any sheriff's department they know their business. There is no request to terminate Coy's employment, there is only the request the sheriff's department employing Hannah Coy review the information found in the open letter available below. This letter was faxed to both Calhoun and Barry County's Sheriff's Departments.

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