Bellevue village council member hannah coy has a conversation with us... 

A civil conversation revealing a part of the character of Terpening Follower and Bellevue, Michigan Village Council member, Hannah Coy. The conversation leaves this writer wondering who would stand between Michael Terpening and anything?

Hannah worries more about the expense of the preliminary hearing transcripts than their contents.  This website has posted everyHannah Coy  Bellevue Village Council Member

single word spoke in Michael Terpening's Preliminary Examination in September.  Why does cost matter? What possible reason is there for Hannah Coy to fuss about what is spent disseminating every word spoken at the hearing? Is there any serious reason Hannah Coy and her friends could be hostile to facts getting out?
Hannah makes assumptions free of facts. In the comment above questioning the costs of the transcripts Hannah says, "What makes me laugh is I don't know how could afford them on what you make." Hannah how do you know what anyone other than you makes, let along a guy you've never met who lives nearly 100 miles away from you? It's striking how certain the statement is made while transparently having no basis.

Hannah changes facts. Anyone following this case has seen, often using screen shots of their own comments, how the Terpening Followers and even Terpening himself have trashed the victims in this case. Yet, Hannah Coy takes it upon herself to deny Michael Terpening, himself, was the source of outing one victim by first, middle and last name? We posted the story online blocking the kid's name, but we posted every word and the writer, Laura Adams the so called Village Thinker of Battle Creek directly attributed to Michael Terpening. It was not until Hannah Coy commented that anyone has separated Michael Terpening from Laura Adams. When provided with the link above, Hannah drops the issue.

Hannah Coy questions of ethicsHannah reframes facts. Hannah Coy seems to forget the Terpening Followers were repeatedly asked to stop outing victims. When they refuse, this website was born as an answer to their abuse of victims in public. No one is, "hell bent on ruining a man's life" except, perhaps Mike Terpening's own Followers as they repeatedly act out in public. In fact, after 4 different people contacted the Barry County Sheriff's Department seeking the arrest of this writer following the publishing of this website, a message was passed to the Followers from this writer via the Sheriff's Department suggesting an end to using any names. Of course the suggestion would have required the Terpening Followers to stop abusing the victims in this case, something they were not prepared to accept. They had the choice and refused the suggestion, I do not accept this website has the power to destroy anyone's life, but what comes from this work is a direct consequence of choices Michael Terpening and his Followers made all along.

Hannah just moves on. On the actual facebook page Hannah is given links to see actual facts. She simply ignores them and moves on.

As you read over the conversation, do you wonder how Hannah Coy could accept even the possibility of Michael Terpening speeding, let alone, being guilty of more than a dozen criminal charges of criminal sexual conduct? Would a person of Council Member Coy's character ever make a judgment based on facts when it comes to the possibility of sexual assault of children?

If Michael Terpening is guilty, is his guilt even possible without people like Hannah Coy around? Too often we look back and wonder how a predator was able to practice his evil. Yet in the world of Hannah Coy and the Terpening Followers,  isn't it scene set perfectly for a child predator?

Is any child predator possible without dupes like Hannah Coy?