michael terpening speaks out

Michael Terpening Speaks OutIgnore all this, it's all about me explaining me...

I sometimes check email in the middle of the night. When you sell stuff online it's a kick to see how you did while you slept.

Today was different, an email marked urgent telling me to check Michael Terpening's Facebook page was waiting.

Mike is finally speaking out!

So a little explanation, to better understand what Mike is talking about...

The Grand Rapids Press allows people to comment online, and I once used the name "pumpedup4kids" and it seems Mike is pleased he made that discovery. Let's hope Mike shares the significance of his discovery, soon!

Next he picks with me about business. My background is in social work, but my preference was having my own business instead choosing to volunteer,for the most part, as well as having been a foster and adoptive parent. I've done a fair share of consulting and project work as projects came up.

I am not a big fan of sitting in an office listening to people talk about their problems. Sorry, Mike.

I operated a window cleaning company allowing me to be home when the kids get home while also allowing the kids to make some great money on weekends and on school breaks.

You want great therapy? How about a rich white lady handing a black kid from Philly $20 for doing a great job. Or maybe her husband just talking with the kid while he is working? Suddenly the evil, rich people are not so evil and not so different...Great lessons!

Well, as the kids grew up and had their own kids, the interest in cleaning windows was replaced by a love for babysitting. I built my own website back in 2004 and people liked it, so I thought, "Gee, I can build websites, help people with their business and work from home."

Can it get any better?

It did. One customer, a printer, wanted me to sell their products online. I thought they were crazy, but after building them five websites it just seemed easier to make them happy and sell their products.

Five years on, the printer went out of business and the online business has overtaken the website business in sales. With most products , someone orders, an email goes to a factory, the factory ships the order; then they charge my credit card. At the end of the day what's left is mine...

I recommend this life to anyone who wants to give it a shot! After all, I get to spend time on my passions, and one of them is kids.

The name Michael refers to, in the last post, is someone who pleaded guilty to 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct who happens to share my last name. The Followers have been talking about it for a couple of days, but I am afraid if he is a relative, I've never heard of him. Maybe he is an 8th cousin twice removed.

Finally, Mike references inviting people to lunch. This is true, well true that I invited his Aunt, Jamie Moore Bell to lunch to discuss and video everything she feels is not fair on this website. (click here to read it on her profile)

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What can one really say to Mike reading what he's written? For me it is the question I've been asking all along, is this the character of a man leading a child welfare agency?

For all Mike writes, one of the last statements puzzles me most referring to a conversation Mike says I had with a young male family member, "The sickest thing is when he wanted to buy one of them a bathing suit and buy them lunch."


Final thought