jamie moore bell, the vicious follower and mike terpening's aunt

Jamie Moore BellJamie Elizabeth Moore Bell  worked with troubled young people, under the leadership of her nephew Michael Terpening. Commenting on Youtube, Moore Bell made the following comment when someone commented on the disgusting name calling by Susan Ward Gillihan, "And btw..its hard to say sue calling you a douchebag is a bad thing..because when you have a nozzle and smell like vineger..you gave yourself away.."

The abuse is not isolated. When someone is employed in any child welfare position, they are required to demonstrate appropriate character. One wonders how Mr. Terpening could hire his aunt, Jamie Moore Bell.

Moore Bell  later commented on her role in the publishing of the Rodney recant video, "Mr.Xxxxx..Reigh went so far as to make this video..he apoligized to Mr.Terpening for lying..(And u insinuating Reigh has had contact with Mr.Terpening is justJamie Threatens Lawsuit

 stupid..I personally posted that video before Mr.Terpening did again check your facts)ahh yes my original thought..When this is over if (I say if only to keep you from pissing and moaning) will you be willing to apoligize for yours?"

Excuse the spelling, it's all Jamie.

Yet, unwittingly Moore Bell bolsters concerns about Terpening's involvement with Rodney and his so called, recant.  Moore Bell admits posting the video on Rodney's account in the middle of the night, and ninety minutes later Terpening posts it on Facebook? The Followers previously celebrated the video as being all Rodney.

Jen, now the former Terpening Followers, admitted being present when the Rodney recant video was produced. Moore Bell also admits she is the other person present in theJamie Moore Bell in on the Rodney recant video

 car when she comments on Youtube as can be seen in the comment she made seen to the right.

Family members report Michael Terpening has a history of threatening Moore Belle because Terpening felt she was not providing an appropriate environment for her two sons. The family reported Michael repeatedly, "removed" the children from Moore Bell's care.

Moore Bell contacted this website (February 1, 2012 9:21pm) about the reporting regarding her sons, first asking for the source, "Out of curiosity I'm wondering where you got your information regarding my having had my children removed." Going on to ask, "You did (not) offer us the chance to question any information you've posted."

The fact is, the response to Ms. Moore Bell encouraged her to engage on this website with her position. Choosing not to do so, she complained in her subsequent email of February 2, 2012, at 9:21am, "there has never been time where my now adult sons were either taken away and there was no point when anyone to take them away..the information you were given was wrong and it can easily be proven."

Ms. Moore Bell has yet to offer any proof the reporting is inaccurate. In fact, Moore Bell said in a post on her Facebook page, February 1, 2012 at 4:03PM directed to this website, "My adult children have been in my care since the day they were born, never once involved in a CPS case, ever. So your 'sources' are (pardon my French) full of shit.

The interesting component in the exchange is Moore Bell, inaccurately, represents this website reported involvement with Child Protective Services (CPS) on her Facebook page, twisting the fact we are reporting Terpening was acting on his own.

Ms Moore Bell is currently facing charges of insurance fraud in a case related to her nephew.

UPDATE 2/28/2012- Just for Jamie!

Yes, Jamie, it is true our website, like every other website that exists on the planet Earth, collects data on visitors.

My hunch is you are talking about the Google Analytics code in each page of the site. I know Jennifer Beznoksa McLeod fancies herself a big time web designer, after all she is taking classes. She told me so!

However, facts are facts and the servers are what collect IP addresses, not the code in the pages. So unless you and The Followers happen to be on a planet where they've come up with a way to operate their world wide web without IP addresses being needed, the problem is on your side.

I block the IP addresses of abusers. If you one of the 4 who tried, that may be your problem.

Yet, there could still be a solution, Jamie...Look below, see those yellow links? Do you see the one with your email exchange with me? Yes, Jamie, you can email and your emails can be posted to the site. You can trust it is all there, all that was edited were names and your email address. 

However, if you dare have the exchange, there are tough questions we want answered. We want a civil exchange. We are not interested in turning this site into another place for you to abuse people.

If you want to come to Grand Rapids, I am happy to meet you, buy you lunch and video you for just as long as you want to talk about this case and put it on this website entirely with zero editing.

Your choice. A serious, challenging, civil exchange, to expose the innocence you claim is evident. Isn't be willing to take on your toughest critic a true sign of the confidence in your position? 

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