refusing truth...why the terpening followers  don't want to hear the truth- the followers in the family- part 2

June 19, 2012

Watcher, a regular on our site asked this question the other day, ""At the risk of being redundant, why wouldn't MT and supporters want every little detail put out there to prove he did nothing untoward with these kids and let the chips fall where they may?"

For the people in Michael Terpening's family, people like Jamie Moore Bell, the answer is simple.

They believe he is guilty.

This group includes people who've not chosen to make themselves as public as Mike's maternal aunt, Jamie Moore Bell. It includes his father, step brother and sisters. They've been working allegations against Michael Terpening since 1995 when then 16 year old Michael first faced police following allegations he sexually abused his cousin, Holly. (Click here to read the Family Court Neglect petition documenting the allegations)

Those allegations went away when Holly's mom refused to cooperate with prosecutors.

The allegations leading to the first degree criminal sexual conduct some 10 years ago with a 10 year old child were also known to the family, at the time, even though that information did not result in charges at the time, either. Mike would have been about 22 at the time the victim claims the abuse happened.  We are somewhere around 2001-2002 when these attacks are alleged to have happened.

In 2003 Mr. Terpening was arrested for sexually abusing his own teenage foster child. The Family Court Neglect Petition alleges Terpening was able to weasel out of those charges by promising his victim a truck, a promise Terpening never kept. The process of the child abuse and, separate criminal, investigations took some 18 months to resolve ending in 2004.

Terpening then forms Earth Services in November 2006. He tells people the name of the non-profit taking care of animals was called EAR, short for Educated Animal Rescue becoming, EARTH (Educated Animal Rescue and Teen Haven) in late 2008. The interesting piece of this dishonest story is when he formed the company in 2006, it was fully named Earth. The so called Teen Haven was obviously.

Mr. Terpening adopts five kids from foster care along with his wife, who is today 25 years old, they now have eight kids. What the Terpening Followers have not told anyone is two of the five children have acted out sexually according to the Family Court Neglect Petition asking for Terpening's parental rights to be terminated. Terpening made the arrest of his 12 year old public knowing the child was not competent to stand trial. He failed to share the allegations of the second child being accused of sexual acting out in school.

The family knows what is going on. The court documents show eleven victims so far documented, only five of those are the subject of legal action. More victims are expected to show up as witnesses, as we know charges could not be brought where corercion or force could not be shown with 16-17 year old foster kids had sex with Mike because the children were of the age of consent. We know a Michigan senator has introduced legislation that passed the Michigan Senate to change that law.

The simple reality is Mike's family has held their secrets since 1995. They believe in the man's guilt and this is why they act out as they do. Finding the truth brings prison if you are Mike's family.