Bellevue village council member hannah coy working for law enforcement?

June 30, 2012

Few in the seeming cult like followers of Michael Terpening work for their living. Still this website has scrupulously refused to publish  job information on this website of those Terpening Followers with  jobs as using this website in a way that may impact someone's ability to make a living just doesn't seem croquet in efforts. This self imposed boundary stands in stark contrast to Terpening Followers sharing the names of the alleged victims of Michael Terpening's sexual abuse online, in one case by first, middle and last name leading to a young man's readily appearing at the top of a Google search. One story online, published  by the so called Village Thinker of Battle Creek Laura Adams even quotes Michael Terpening, the defendant, accusing his alleged victim as having committed a sex crime.

And then we find out Bellevue Michigan Village Councilperson Hannah Coy is working at the in a jail administration unit. One cannot help but feel a sense of outrage.

Hannah Coy has posted comments in conjunction with and accused the good people in the Barry County Prosecutor's office of misconduct. Coy supports people who publish names of sexual assault victims and virulently assists a defendant accused of a dozen sex crimes in public with little regard for the facts in the case. Now she's getting a check from a sheriff's department? What if the alleged crimes were committed in the county she works for?  Would Hannah Coy have helped Michael Terpening and his cult like Followers against the good women and men working to protect the public in that county?

It is one thing to support a friend accused of serious crimes, it is quite another to support the abuse of others online. Hannah Coy has not been shy when it comes to abuse, but she does think better of it later on and often removes her comments. We saw this in the days before she announced her change of employment.

The good news is this website has chronicled much of the abuse others have suffered. Our first story on Hannah shows a weird threat from Coy as she tells this writer, "I have you now" and then goes on to command the removal of the profile from the website.  In our story covering Michael Terpening's accusation of this writer being a stalker, Michael outs what he thinks is my home address and Terpening Follower Hannah Coy adds her own comments suggesting women in Terpening's family are being followed by this writer. Stunningly, Coy outright accuses Barry County authorities saying, "The more I hear the more I believe Barry County is in an uncontrolled rampage to destroy him (Michael Terpening's) and his family.  I hope the prosecution is held accountable for what they've done." (see pop up screen shot of Coy's comment dated February 7). In another Facebook comment, Coy says, "The main case  to be dismissed based on the conduct  on the part of the Barry County Prosecution. (This comment also appears in the pop up window)

Not only was the case not dismissed, but the judge in the case found no such abuse existed.

What's more is this website has posted information received pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act giving people like Hannah Coy the ability to read the word for word testimony of the alleged victims from the 2011 Preliminary Hearing, the 2004 Preliminary Hearing, the Neglect Petition to terminate Terpening's parental rights to his 3 natural and 5 adopted kid. So far eleven victims have come forward and Hannah Coy is still PUBLICY helping the people accusing law enforcement of conspiracies against her friend, Michael Terpening.

Support is one thing, accuses law enforcement of corruption and helping people who publicly attack victims is quite another.

Yet this is not the end of Hannah Coy's involvement with the case of Michael Terpening. Despite Terpening being gagged by the court it seems Coy knows details of the defense case, even her publishing online information this writer was subpoenaed by the defense less than 24 hours after the service was made by Court Officers. Coy publishes her comment only days after accusing prosecutors of violating the gag order by complying with their legal obligation to provide documents pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

Is this someone who has the character to work for any law enforcement agency? When her friend, an accused child predator accuses one of his alleged victims by first, middle and last name of being a sex offender, Hannah Coy not only says nothing, she helps the defendant by joining in accusing law enforcement of misconduct.

In the case of Hannah Coy the policy changes, the public does not need a person of Hannah Coy's ilk working in any law enforcement job when she cannot respect the hard work they do.