Katie rucinski and the emails? They have emails?

July 22, 2012

Katie Rucinski Terpening Followers reading email?

Terpening Follower, Katie Rucinski has her special connection to the case of accused child molester Michael Terpening andKatie Rucinski Hacking Emails?despite the work of the website having led directly to Michael Terpening being arrested on bond violations and having his bond nearly doubled, Katie continues to expose information to the public one would think the defense would want kept under wraps.

In the post on Rucinski's blog above some of her information is correct and worth exploring. While this website is not commenting on the issue of where witnesses live, it is true emails have been exchanged between this writer and people close to the case who are not subject to the gag order. The statement, "He even tells them he loves them" has some truth to it. I often end emails, "love ya" with people I care about.

Contact with anyone with the remotest connection to the 3 criminal and one family court case involving Michael Terpening follow very simple rules. We do not reach out to people and we answer contacts. It goes no further. If our email response is not answered, there is no further contact.

When Jamie Moore Bell emailed us, while also complaining to the Barry County Sheriff's Department, her emails were answered. Jamie made a decision not to reply to our last response and that is where the contacts ended. Law enforcement took no action and the emails were published on this website.

The same rule applied to one of Michael Terpening's step brothers, Jamie Moore Bell's son and others.

Katie also has it right this writer does not drive. This was a factor in not appearing in May when the defense issued their subpoena. The license is not suspended, it was just never renewed when it expired because of health issues at the time.

Sadly, former Terpening Follower, Jen, also posted on her blog some help was given to one of the witnesses.

In other words there is some truth to some of what Katie is saying leaving this writer wondering how Kate and the Terpening Followers, remember she says "we" have the emails of a witness in this case? Do they know hacking is a federal crime? Does Katie understand she's just made herself an agent of the defense meaning she is obviously violating the gag order?

Or is Katie Rucinski just engaging in more character assaination? One would think if the emails had anything of use to the defense Katie would be publishing that information instead of making thinly veiled perverse comments.

In other words, once again, Michael Terpening's much sought not guilty verdict does not come from his cult like following and their strange campaign of personal attacks on people who choose to question their position.