Michigan senate passes bill targeting terpening allegations


Your government at work. Michigan State Senator Rick Jones, after hearing from Barry County Prosecutor Tom Evans introduced a bill in the state senate to change the Criminal Sexual Conduct laws of Michigan to include 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct in a situation in which an employee, contractor, or volunteer of a child care organization or foster home licensee engaged in sexual penetration or sexual contact with a resident of a foster home.

If the bill passes the state house and is signed by Govenor Rick Snyder it would apply to Michael Terpening and those in positions of authority in foster and group homes the same laws applying to school employees.

According to Senator Jones there were more victims of Michael Terpening that charges as a result of the loop hole in the law essentially allowing Terpening to have sexual contact with young people committed to his group home who may have consented to sexual contact. Jones said in a September press release, ""I am shocked that this evil sex abuser cannot be held accountable because his victims who are 16 and 17 years old can give questionable consent under current Michigan law..."

As trial looms for Michael Terpening, the law passed the Michigan Senate and is in the House judiciary committee awaiting action.

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