Susan do you have any limits?

Susan Ward GillihanOne wonders what goes through the mind of someone like Susan Ward Gillihan

Mike Terpening sex commentsFollowing Mike Terpening's bizarre comments online attributing inappropriate and obviously sexual comments to this writer, Susan Ward Gillihan was not a good friend to Michael Terpening by suggesting it may be a bad idea for someone facing decades in prison for sexual assaults on young men to post comments like the one see to the right on this page. No, this grandmother and self proclaimed mother people should emulate joins in with Mr. Terpening's disturbing comments.

Strangely, her comment, as seen below, takes it one step farther than Terpening by involving Rodney, the recanting witness, who often goes by the nickname, "Ry." Rodney does not have enough on his plate without Susan Ward Gillihan
using him some more to make a pointless sick joke?

I guess I keep waiting and wondering why the Terpening Followers, themselves, seem to take so much joy in Terpening's situation. Is there really something to joke about? And then go ahead and use someone who is helping your effort?

Do these people have any limits?

Susan Ward Gillihan Comment