Revenge on Jen, former follower fails...

Katie Rucinski ThreatIn the comment to the left, it appears Terpening Follower Katie Rucinski is concerned about kids. After Jennifer, a former Terpening Follower, testified in court at Terpening's recent bond violation hearing, Jennifer and her children children became a target for the Followers.

It began with messages on Facebook, and reached a high point when the State Police warned Katie Rucisnki about harassing Jennifer. Rather than going away quietly,  they contacted Child Protective Services, apparnetly in a bid to get the State of Michigan to do their bidding.

It was true there was no running water in the home Jennifer recently purchased. It was also true Jennifer admitted in court testimony she's smoked marijuana.

Child Protective Services closed the case with the allegations being determined unfounded, when they arrived at the home they found the plumber's tools. The work was obviously ongoing. An interview with Jennifer's children found no evidence the kids even knew about the smoking.

Are we to believe the Followers are really looking out for kids? Katie makes serious allegations in the comment to the left. If she really cares about the interests of children why didn't she make the call to Child Protective Services or the police some time ago? Is it kids that matter to Katie and the Terpening Followers?

If you are a Terpening Follower do you have special protection from your, "crimes?" If you are in the group are we to believe your abuse and neglect of children remain hidden so long as you are following Terpening rules? Is this what Michael Terpening is all about?

When a Terpening Follower shows up as a witness for the State of Michigan does this now make your children? Do they want children removed from their mother as punishment for the crime of raising one's hand and swearing to tell the truth? Are these people so devoid of values they would punish 2 kids for  their mother not actively supporting Michael Terpening? Break Mike's rules and your two children lose their home?

 This writer got a taste of what passes as Justice for Michael Terpening in January when 4 different people made 4 different reports to the Barry County Sheriff's office in a matter of days for daring to air an opinion inconsistent with Terpening Follower doctrine. Break the rules of Michael Terpening and go to jail?

Thank God the authorities do not buy into the bizarre concept of justice these people share.

Welcome to America, Mike.