how much pain must mike terpening and his followers inflict?

July 12, 2012

Hannah CoyOnce again this website finds itself wondering what limits Michael Terpening has as he orchestrates the continuing bizarre campaign to make the criminal sexual conduct charges magically go away.

Now the battle is taken to Terpening's sister and her family? Terpening Follower Hannah Coy  reports there is disagreement between Terpening's sister and the father of her child(ren). This would be Michael Terpening's nephews and/or nieces. So now Mike is going to exploit problems he says exist in that relationship?

 Is this latest weird attack that  keeps five young men accusing Terpening of sexual assualt off the witness stand as trial looms next month for Terpening? The judge has rejected all the other conspiracy theories, will she accept this one, give Mike a hug and send him on his way?

Can this man possibly leave even the kids in his own family out of the spotlight? Might he leave whateverHannah Coy Eaton County Sheriff disputes parents may share to the courts or God forbid the parents, themselves? Must he try and humiliate and splash on parents of kids in his own family? Does he really think this latest outburst does his sister some good when she next appears in court?

After more than six months covering these people, I know these are all dumb questions. Humiliation is what abusers do, and as abysmal the failure of Terpening's online abuse of others has been; here is more of the same from his sycophant Terpening Follower, Hannah Coy, the Bellevue Village Councilperson and new employee at the Eaton County Sheriff's Department.

We see Hannah talking to herself on the so called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page (right), but does anyone believe it is anyone other than Michael Terpening speaking through Hannah Coy?

Mike, how about leaving just the kids in your family out of it, sounds like things are a little tense already. Maybe you try, just this once, to do the decent thing.

And what is the story with Mike's, oh sorry, Hannah's complaints about this writer having a lawyer? Umm, check your map people, this is America. So far as I know it is still a free country. Mike has three lawyers, kiddo, so what's the problem?

I find it interesting Mike, sorry there I go again, Hannah is bothered by who the lawyer representing the interests of his children in the case to terminate his rights. Hannah doesn't seem bothered by the judge in the case having represented Terpening's sister, Ryon Ann in her family court case before becoming a judge.

The actual applicable rules for lawyers have already been addressed in Terpening's previously failed motion to have the lawyer Terpening complains about removed from representing his children's interests in the Neglect Abuse Family Court trial, also upcoming. Click here to read the motion and response by the Barry County Prosecutor and the lawyer Hannah complains about. The fact another judge has found a similar complaint to be baseless seems to have no impact on Terpening speaking through Coy.

The fact is Barry County is a small community with a small community of lawyers who professionally serve their clients and community well. If Hannah's personal definition of what constitutes a conflict of interest were part of the rule of law few lawyers in Hastings could practice because of the Hannah Coy Rule.

The attorney this writer hired to represent my interests is a professional. If he represented Michael Terpening years ago it would not bother me. His job is to inform and advise me so my interests are fairly represented and it seems thus far the court has been unwilling to fulfill Terpening's wish to lock me up for not appearing in person in response Terpening's subpoena.

Of course American concepts of justice do not fit Michael Terpening's paranoid effort to opress others through intimidation, manipulation and weird personal attacks. Here in the good old USA we like justice that looks like justice, not a free for all where the biggest bully left standing wins.

Like it or not, Mike, we are going to see you put on trial on the facts.

Here is the question one more time... Michael Terpening should be a leader in child welfare? The hate, the abuse, the humiliation now creeps into the lives of his sister's kids? Why not work for harmony, after all Mike you are a great leader who wants great things for her kids, too, right?

Right, Mike?