Would you hire mike terpening?

June 21, 2012

Would you have hired Michael Terpening? Back in 2003 he was fired from the Advocacy Resource Center in Battle Creek. His job? He was hired to be a Family Advocate. He was fired for poor work performance and being on the phone.

Months later Terpenign would be arrested for Criminal Sexual Conduct involving his foster son.

Betweem the time of Terpening's firing and charges being filed in October of 2003 he got Arc of Calhoun County to cough up $2,000 not to talk about anything, the only problem for Mr. Terpening is that agreement landed in the prosecutor's office and became public record. Click here to read it the settlement agreement between Michael Terpening and ARC of Calhoun County.

An interesting component to the hiring of Michael Terpening less than two months before he was fired was Mr. Terpening used a Battle Creek Parks and Recreation worker as a work reference. He claimed she was a supervisor, yet this person was never a supervisor and to this day is employed by the City of Battle Creek in a non-management position.

Of interest is Michael Terpening making the claim he has some college education. According to the Neglect Petition to terminate Mike's parental rights, Terpening has made repeated claims to have earned a bachelor's degree in social work. Yet, the state alleges, Terpening only attended college for two months.

The image to the right is taken from employment documents Michael Terpening signed in 2003 to become a Family Advoocate with ARC of Calhoun County. Terpening alleges he attended a total of 3 years of college. Click here to read the full packet of documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.