Jamie moore bell, the victim who tells us the victims are not?

How can the Terpening Followers claim to know the man is innocent? These are victims still living their victim issues.

And that may be the explanation of how Michael Terpening has been able to use them as he has..

  1. Jamie Moore Bell knows Michael Terpening is innocent. Yet she married a guy more than 10 years ago who was on probation for a violent felony and was arrested for a third time in 2007 for drinking and driving. Do we toss out the entire system of justice because Jamie Moore Bell has declared Michael Terpening innocent? How can we trust Moore Bell's "judgment" when she shows little evidence of using it when choosing the man who lives with her children?
  2. Jennifer , the self described victim advocate has a friend in Jamie who is presently experiencing domestic violence. Isn't there an immediate need for someone to have a serious conversation with Jamie Moore Bell? After 10 years isn't there a point where Jamie's life matters?
  3. Do Jennifer and Moore Bell talk? Beznoksa McLeod tell us she is in recovery after her own bouts with alcohol  Is Moore Bell's husband in recovery? Where is the intervention if he is a friend, as well? Who is telling Jamie her safety must come first?

These are the people we are to believe know what Michael Terpening did or did not do to the young men he is accused of sexually abusing? Somehow they have the experience to spot a sex offender?

The Terpening Followers are the reason we have courts, we cannot just take their word...and what happens to Jamie's husband?

Final thought