justice for terpening son in barry county

Questions remain, big questions...How does a child learn to sexually abuse someone else?

Prosecutor's dropped charges against the son of Michael Terpening today following a psychiatric evaluation determined the child was not competent to stand trial.

The Followers made a big deal about the child being arrested. What they did not know, or failed to share, is the information Michael Terpening put into the public domain would not have been available to prosecutors at the time of the child's arrest. This would include his IQ and other information that is protected information under federal law. It could not be released without the parent's consent or a court order. The child also could not be interviewed by police without parental permission.

While Mr. Terpening took to the airwaves to share what he knew authorities could not have access to, the court system worked to serve the interests of this child. A psychiatrist working for the court made a determination and the prosecutor took the appropriate course of action.

Yet we must not forget there is another victim out there, something happened to someone that led to the police being called and the charges being filed; and there is a little guy sexually acting out. Where did his learn this behavior?

And if only Mr. Terpening was not so intent on his public campaign...What school can his child go to tomorrow where parents and students will not know about his son because Terpening went on television?

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