refusing truth...why the terpening followers  don't want to hear the truth- part one

June 15, 2012

A frequent visitor to our site asked in a recent comment, "At the risk of being redundant, why wouldn't MT and supporters want every little detail put out there to prove he did nothing untoward with these kids and let the chips fall where they may?"

It's a great questions and it's time to pull the answer together in one place complete with links to previous stories giving the evidnece for the answer.

And what is the answer? There are two answers...We'll cover the first today

The first answer covers the Terpening Followers who are not immediate members of Michael Terpening's family. These are people like Susan Ward Gillihan Katie Rucinski, and Bellevue Village Council Member Hannah Coy. Simply put, these folks are willing dupes who make emotion based assessments. Facts do not play into their thinking, so when the word for word transcripts are published online there is no reason to reconsider their position, facts are not relevant, emotions are and Michael has assured them he is innocent.

Mike Terpening is truly not as charismatic as some have suggested. He is only charismatic to very troubled people. The rest of us are left wondering how in the world anyone is fooled and that speaks to the lack of sophistication of the Terpening Followers. Following Terpening's arrest on charges of violating conditions of his bond a great deal of the support fell away. Yet the core remains.

Katie Rucinski show her weakness for manipulation in her strange writings, filled with misspellings and broken sentences. Hannah Coy, in a discussion with this writer, stunningly questions violations of the gag order which does not apply to this website only to later post information she only could have gotten from Michael Terpening or one of his lawyers on the so called, Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page. Susan Ward Gillihan self righteously blames former Terpening Follower, Jen, for a witness on the case consuming Jello Shots at her ST. Patrick's Day party while admitting she was serving an underage young man alcohol...Of course it also didn't matter Jamie Moore Bell was at the party, 5 minors were present along with the witness along with Michael Terpening who is prohibited from being around all these people as a condition of his bond.

Amazingly enough, even following Terpening's arrest for violating his bond as a direct result of the work of this website the Terpening Followers continue posting information obviously disclosing Mike Terpening continues to share information about the case.

And did anyone think we would be fooled by the obviously fake story about an arrest warrant for the target of that subpoena, this humble reporter? There's a problem ladies, the subpoena will have an issue date on it and it would have gone to the court officer to be served some time ago since it has to be served in person.

Do we really need to question whether the character lacking in these people is malevolent? In each case isn't it the responsibility of each Terpening Follower to take responsibility for herself?

Of course the reality is these are people who cannot or refuse learn from their mistakes.