victims in terpening's family?

The more this website explains its position on allegations Mike Terpening would play child protective services and take Jamie Moore Bell's sons from Moore Bell, the more she chooses to infer someone is accusing Mike Terpening of sexually abusing her children.

What Moore Bell keeps missing is the door being open swings in both directions, at guilt and at innocence..

We know sex offenders tend to be stable in their victim choice in terms of age, gender, and the aggressor-victim relationship, as well as other victim characteristics.

This creates real problems for Terpening's defense when it comes time for expert testimony. In general, the five victims in this case are fairly close in age, they are the same in gender, and in each case there was an authority relationship with perceived by the child with Michael A. Terpening.

The authority relationship appears, again, surrounding allegations  Terpening wanted to pay male staffers for sex.  Rather than building a relationship that becomes sexual, Terpening allegedly asks to pay for sex, retaining the authority nature of Terpening's alleged predation.

 What was privately raised with Moore Bell's youngest son was this comment, "If Mike is a predator and he had access to you, there is about zero chance you were not abused, especially with what the family member told me happened." It was followed later by this statement, "If he is not a predator, and had access to you, I am puzzled you are not on the witness list; and you are not because you are talking to me about this...and that would violate the gag order. So why is an adult who Mike had significant access to during the period of time he was abusing kids about your age not standing up in court for Mike?"

The, "if" and, "and's" are important to the statements in italicized bold above. The young man is believed to be 19 years old and his older brother is about 22 both could have had significant time with Michael Terpening during the time he is alleged to have been an active sex offender.

This website was also contacted by a 19 year old step brother of Michael Terpening after Mike was criticized for calling the teen, "little fellah" on his Facebook page, a comment Terpening has since removed. Jamie Moore Bell criticizes this website for alleging the young man is a victim of Terpening. Again the point Jamie misses is the point is made if Terpening is not a predator why isn't a kid in the same age range as the victims, with whom Terpening has a close relationship who was not abused on the witness list.

So far no one, including Terpening's lawyer, has questioned these young men are not on the witness list. In fact the lawyer wanted to know how this writer knew who is on the witness list, something available to the public by visiting the Court Clerk's office or by Freedom of Information Act request from the Barry County Prosecutor's office.

One possible answer could  be  the liklihood an expert in sexual predators will be called  to talk about what jurors can expect to understand, in terms of behavior, from child predators and their victims. Think about  the impact of a, yet unknown, victim under cross examination with the assistance of that expert on Terpening's fate if an unknown victim gets on the stand.

Jamie Moore Bell made other victims an issue. The information provided by the family member first appearing in our Follower profile on Jamie never suggested her children were, ever, mistreated by Mike Terpening. This writer tried to add clarity as Moore Bell falsely tried shifting the original allegation Terpening took her kids, himself, while threatening to call Child Protective Services by claiming her children were taken from her.

Moore Bell wants the allegation removed from this website saying, "the information you were given was wrong  and  it can easily be proven." Simply put, Moore Bell has not simply proven anything and her vicious, abusive track record gives no reason to believe something simply because she says the information is not true.

Facts are Moore Bell's honesty is in question, again. In the video below (lower right of this page) Moore Bell tells us she was at Earth Services the night the allegations were made against Terpening. From the Department of Human Resources licensing report, we know the timing of the original reports of abuse were made to staff. In the video Moore Bell is at the facility, in the image above she got the information over the telephone.

Finally, this writer asks the reader to read Jamie's comments on the image copied from Katie Rucinski's blog above. If you were suddenly, out of the blue, told someone you loved and respected was accused of sexually abusing teenage boys, what would be your reaction? Would it be vicious? Would it be vicious with a combination of, "wonder where that came from?"

Or would it be moments of feeling dumbfounded? Wouldn't anger come later? The first word is, "vicious."

If the person is also a victim can you see that person being angry because they've said nothing? How would you feel about yourself? Angry? Filled with rage? How would you express that to your mother who has already taken sides.

Moore Bell  while addressing the criticism of our story on her not being willing to listen, nonetheless takes no opportunity to say she, first, talked to her sons to make sure they were not harmed by Terpening. "Anyone who knows Michael knows these charges are false" Moore Bell tells us apparently relying on her mind reading skills to give her confidence her boys were never abused.

So Jamie, why won't the boys be on the stand testifying for Uncle Mike?Mike Terpening Cousins

UPDATE 3/12/2012

Mike Terpening never get points for how his actions may come across to others. From his referring to a 19 year old young man as, "little feelah" to today's latest post (see image to the right).

This image appears just two days after the story above was first published about issues Jamie Moore Bell raised about Mike's relationship with her kids, who are Michael Terpening's cousins.

Is it just bad timing? In monitoring Mike's Facebook page,  standing out is Michael Terpening has not, until now, used Facebook or any other public forum to express feelings for anyone other than those whom he feels have done him wrong; unless he wants something such as signing a petition for him to be reunited with his family.

Terpening Family PostJust two days after this story, though, Terpening mentions his cousins, not by writing something himself, but by posting the picture above on his Facebook page.

Is there something to what Mike's aunt, Jamie Moore Bell, pushed out into the open about her own kids?

Let's keep in mind, too, Mike is at least 10 years older than either of Moore Bell's children, it seems unlikely there is a, "friend" type relationship with the age difference.


What do you think? Is Mike shoring up his defense? Did Aunt Jamie push out a family secret? If so, what must these young men be thinking when people can put clues together even from a distance?