will mike take a plea deal?

Last week the defense in the sex abuse case of Michael Terpening  lost in the  effort to have the accusations  out tossed out. What's left standing are the  young men to tell their story.

Can Michael Terpening  risk taking the stand, himself, to convince a jury of his peers these kids just made it up? He may do fine with his lawyer asking questions, the big question is what happens when the Attorney General's lawyer gets up to cross examine?

Does Terpening now see the abuse heaped on the victims in public to intimidate them into silence has failed?

Can Mike put his wife and eight children first  and make a deal to keep them together in the upcoming parental rights termination trial?

This is the point where the 90% plus conviction rate of the Michigan Attorney General's office must be considered against the very real possibility the upcoming 3 criminal trials along with the family court trial may result in Michael Terpening never seeing another day of freedom.

The Defense must now take inventory of their precarious position.

And what of the Michigan Attorney General's office? Would they accept a plea where Michael Terpening does not admit guilt? Our system of justice often takes hits from defendants desperately seeking to avoid taking responsibility. In this case do the representatives of the People of the State of Michigan give  Michael Terpening and his Followers the opportunity to continue to claim innocence by making an agreement with this defendant that does not include an admission of guilt?

Now is the time for talks to begin between the two sides.

Final thought