Terpening Bond Violation Hearing, March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 7:53 AM

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Michael Terpening  Bond ViolationsWhat you can expect at today's hearing is to testimony from a witness in the case,  as well as a now former Terpening Follower, testifying for the prosecution about a party Michael Terpening attended where children were present, as well as Jamie Moore Bell. Contact with witnesses in this case has been forbidden as a condition of Terpening's being released on bond, as is contact with minors.

March 29, 2012 12:41PM

Jennifer, a former Terpening Follower testified for the State of Michigan telling the court Michael Terpening had contact with her kids and an alleged victim in this case, all of which could be violations of the no contact order. An alleged victim of Michael Terpening's original sexual abuse charges also testified he had limited contact with Michael Terpening.

The court has adjourned the matter until March 29, 2012 as witness, and Terpening Follower, Susan Ward Gillihan did not appear as expected. Ms. Ward Gillihan was subpoenaed by the defense, but has not gotten sufficient notice to be compelled to appear for the defendant.

The allegations against Terpening include having contact with as many as five children at a St. Patrick's Day party held at Ward Gillihan's home where it is believed as many as three of Ward Gillihan's grandchildren may have had contact with Terpening, who is not allowed to have contact with kids while out on bond.

Terpening remains jailed and could remain jailed until Ward Giilihan can be compelled to appear.

March 29, 2012 9:42 PM

We've learned a state trooper testified Jerry Bell, under arrest sitting in a state police car in January, expressed concerns about getting bail. Bell was recently arrested for domestic violence involving his wife, Jamie Moore Bell. Jamie Moore Bell is currently out on bail for as a co-defendant of Michael Terpening in an unrelated felony insurance fraud case.

As we understand the facts, Jerry Bell's parents put up a home as collateral on the bond for Jamie Moore Bell when she was arrested. Moore Bell and her husband lived in a home owned by Jerry Bell's parents. One of the conditions of Jamie Moore Bell's bail bond is she is not permitted to have contact with Michael Terpening.

The Trooper testified there is an audio recording of Jerry Bell saying Jamie Moore Bell was in daily contact with Michael Terpening.

ALSO, it seems Terpening's defense lawyer is suggesting Terpening was not living at the home State Troopers found him at 1am the day he was arrested. It would seem the case Terpening was there only one day is hard to make as food was found at the home, it was furnished and there were pets in the home.