The values of terpening land

Response to Jerry Bell sex storyThe joke resulting in the term, "Terpening Followers" came from the story of Warren Jeffs and his cult who defended Jeffs despite his having sex with young girls. Since this website began actively covering the story of Michael Terpening in early January the comparison seemed to ring more and more true. Almost devoid of any logic the Terpening Followers, the few who are left, still seem intent on defending Mike Terpening, no matter what he's done. No truth intrudes on their thinking.

Having spent a decade working with troubled kids from Philadelphia, I found myself struck by the lack of the strong rule of law in America's 5th largest city. People openly sold drugs in the streets, at that time some 500 people were murdered yearly and crime was utterly out of control. Still, something really pointing to the lack of rule of law was the lack of obeying even the most basic traffic laws. The police simply had no time to enforce things like speeding, stop signs, drunk driving, and red lights.

The result was a wild west in America's first capital which still remains horribly problematic for every citizen who gets behind the wheel or happens to be a passenger in a car. Insurance rates are still astronomical and far too many people die each year in a city where only about half of the drivers are believed to be lawfully licensed.

The freedom of our society, however, demands guilt be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. We believe it is better to let ten guilty people go free rather than one lose her freedom for even a minute.  For every ten crimes a criminal is charged once, and in most cases the charges get pleaded down. To say our society is tolerant of its law breakers is the ultimate understatement.

Our friends in Terpening Land mistake the presumption of innocence for weakness. They take succor from previous success getting charges dropped against Michael Terpening for societal ignorance while telling us they believe in, "Justice for Michael Terpening" rather than justice for all.

Sorry guys, it just don't work that way. There is a point where crimes catch up to even the most arrogant criminal regardless of the altar he stands behind, and with no thought to how low you stoop to defend the man.

But reading Susan Ward Gillihan's comments above, I am just stuck by how far from reality Terpening Land must be. Her answer to our story about Jerry Lee Bell making passes at kids at Mike Terpening's group home, the House Next Door does not defy reality, the response even defies fantasy. Did Susan get on the secret space shuttle to get to Terpening Land? Can she get a return ticket or is she stuck where she sits?

Susan calls the work of this website stalking. I've heard it all before, in fact, I've heard it from the Barry County Sheriff's Department. So far the Terpening Followers have made five complaints to authorities about the work of this website.

Sorry ladies, exposing your various criminal affiliations is not a crime, and in America people get to talk about whatever they want without people with badges and guns showing up to lock them away. In Terpening Land, however, such freedoms only exist for approved Terpening Followers who have so far threatened my business, named my parents, repeatedly published my date of birth, and Mike Terpening actually published what they thought was my address then drove past the house in Wyoming to have a look with one of his employees (Yes, Mike I also know about that!)

No complaints from me, though, I saw what these people did to the kids who dared step forward in this case and I knew what was coming.

If people like Susan Ward Gillihan lived in the greatest country on Earth instead of Terpening Land would they defend Jerry Lee Bell's imaginary right to privacy? The guy was dumb enough to use the same screen name to troll for men he uses for his gmail account. And seriously, the acronym, "Delton Kellog Dad times 5" is what he uses to cheat on his wife? Lucky for Jerry there is no crime for profound stupidity here in America, and in Terpening Land it seems profound stupidity is celebrated when the profoundly stupid serve their Leader, Michael Aaron Terpening.

Seriously, though, is there some point where people like Susan Ward Gillihan  demand to know why Jerry Bell ever had access to the kids at the House Next Door? The guy is a violent felon who is still a lush with 3 drunk driving convictions. He could never have passed any background check to be around the kids as a volunteer or as a paid staffer. Yet, he is Terpening approved to show up drunk and hit on kids?

Laughing Jerry Lee Bell But the Earth Services House Next Door Program is in Terpening Land, a sovereign region of Assryia Township not subject to the laws of the people of the Great State of Michigan, right? Jerry Bell gets whatever Mike wants. Being a violent felon does not count for anything. The needs of kids whose lives are a horrendous wreck when they meet Mike Terpening means they get people like Jerry hanging about the House Next Door? This is okay, Susie?

In the comment posted above Susan jokes about Jerry Bell being a drunk. In Terpening Land, Mr. Bell is surely an amusing court jester for Mike The First. It is pretty cute to hear about his microwaving videos and then tossing them at his wife, injuring her so he has to be arrested. And how entertaining  he assaults someone with a deadly weapon only to, shortly thereafter,  marry Jamie Moore Bell who has two young children  in need of a felon who would get his third drunk driving conviction in a just few short years to help them grow up.

What happens when Jerry Lee Bell kills someone while driving falling down drunk, or inures his wife when he has no clue what he is doing? Susan Ward Gillihan won't even help her friend get away from this monster?

Terpening Land is not real Susie. Your lack of courage to stand up for any values does not mean real justice will not be served. Your leader is not exempt from humbling himself before the bar of a court constituted, by law, by and for the People of the State of Michigan. The rule of law may be slow, but it is sure and the day of reckoning is coming.

If standing up to a man who puts the names of victims of sexual abuse online and calls them sex offenders is something a creeper does, I plead guilty. If exposing you for what you are is being a creeper, you got me again kiddo. If publishing public records about people attacking victims of sexual abuse  is creeping, I'm your man, Sweet Sue!

And there is not thing one you can do about it. Welcome to America. The time is coming, and justice will demand her payment. For your sake I pray you will be on the side of justice soon, I pray we do not next see you in a court room on television witnessing Jerry Bell facing charges that resulted in the death of his wife.