linda and Mike Timmons, terpening Followers

We count two elected officials among the Followers of Michael Terpening, Hannah Coy, a Bellevue Village Council Member and Mike Timmons, supervisor of Assyria Township, the subject of this story.

Mike Timmons, the elected supervisor of Assyria Township, Michigan tells viewers in the video below there is no hope for the kids at The House Next Door while his wife, Linda Timmons starts off her interview with the judgment, "For the most part, most of them, their native language is lying and they're not bi-lingual"

Judith Faye, the interviewer, jokes that Michael Terpening calls Linda Timmons, the church lady.

While one can understand supporting a friend, if the allegations are true, does the church lady and her township husband supervisor believe they would have seen the abuse? Would they have known?

This writer as another question. Why were these two people, who clearly harbor negative feelings toward the kids in the group home ever allowed access to troubled kids? Isn't the work hard enough without adding a woman who's self appointed herself a judge of the kids, and a man who says he really does not want to be around kids like those at the House Next Door?

Or is this how an abuser maintains control? Are the Timmons just dupes who made a predator's job easier? Are  kids likely to disclose abuse to people they believe really do not care for them? What happens when the volunteers are looking to serve the interests of the kids rather than feeling bad for Mike Terpening, as Mike Timmons relates toward the end of the interview below?