Looking for justice, or just looking to abuse?

The Terpening Followers take this website as being pro-conviction, or perceive exposing a Follower as an act part of a campaign to hurt Michael Terpening and the Terpening Followers.

This website is not the enemy, and who can favor an unfair conviction?

The Terpening Followers are exposed because their abuse hurts the alleged victims in this case and hurts other victims seeing the Terpening Followers publically putting the names of alleged victims in the public domain and then telling the rest of us why we cannot trust what the victims in this case have to say.

The Followers are not content to allow a jury to come to its own conclusions...No, the Followers punish the victims in this case by outing their names, and they help create an example for predators to follow to warn their victims of the consequences of coming forward. They may even prevent victims from coming forward simply because the Followers show the price of coming forward.

The price of coming forward is high enough having to tell strangers, enduring interview after interview, and testifying before a jury in open court.

The Michael Terpening Followers earn their wings not because they disagree with anyone, but because they choose to employ abusive and bizarre tactics in a quest to see the charges in this case never reach a jury.

Why would Michael Terpening or his criminal defense attorney allow the behaviors exhibited by the Followers? The behaviors cause average folks  to wonder how a leader in child welfare has people of this character around him. It surely cannot benefit Mr. Terpening, as we've seen in court the Attorney General's office raised concerns about possible witness tampering when they took over the case, and the puzzling public Youtube recant of one witness, Rodney, was filmed by Terpening Follower, Jennifer, something she admitted.

The Terpening Followers  refuse to answer why they've not created a more positive publicity campaign for Mr. Terpening. Surely marching kids out who've had terrific experiences as testimonials to their time with Michael Terpening burnishes his reputation rather than campaign of often vicious attacks on others we've seen by the Terpening Followers, sometimes joined, if not orchestrated, by Mike Terpening, himself.