Judith faye kapetyn, the fake child advocate

Judith Faye Kapetyn once ran for the state legislature, she says she is a child advocate and she is the questioner in videos produced on behalf of Michael Terpening. The parental rights organization responsible for producing the videos  has since taken those videos off the web following the recent jailing of Michael Terpening for bond violations including being at a party with a witness in the case, as well as as many as 5 children.

In speaking with Dennis Lawrence, leader of Michigan for Parental Rights, Mr. Lawrence pointed out the major difference between the standards of criminal justice and family court law. Many do not know family court only requires preponderance of evidence whereas conviction in criminal law requires  the higher standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. Mr. Lawrence's advocacy allows for evil like Mike Terpening is accused of committing to exist and be tried in a court where there is a high standard of proof required for conviction.

Judith Faye KapetynJudith Faye Kapetyn seems to believe her judgment is superior to system of justice this nation has relied to find the truth for more than 100 years before its founding. Does the criminal justice system make mistakes? Sure, but are the Terpening Followers and specifically, people like Judith Faye Kapetyn the people who will help illuminate the truth?

In the image above Judith challenges readers on her Facebook page to come to court. Oddly, she did not challenge anyone to visit our website and read the actual transcripts from the September 2012 Preliminary Exam to read the word for word testimony of the witnesses in the case against Mr. Terpening. Seven witnesses spoke to the charges Mr. Terpening faces.

Faye Kapetyn, in addition to observing family visits between Mr. Terpening and his children, also has been accused of following a witness in the case and encouraging him to recant. The witness was moved for his protection, as a result. Is this what we can expect for a child advocate?

Or is Ms. Kapetyn just an advocate for Michael Terpening.

In this writer's view what is sad about Judith Faye Kapetyn is we need real advocates for parents when the system goes wildly wrong. When the protections in place don't work parents need someone to turn to who can bring the case to public knowledge. Is Judith Faye Kapetyn that person?

Judith, maybe we let a jury decide guilt or innocence, if Michael Terpening needs to be saved, the job belongs to a jury, not Judith Faye Kapetyn.