arrest warrant issued for your humble reporter and web guy?

June 11, 2012

Terpening Followers claim arrest warrantIn what has to be the most bold faced lie yet told by Michael Terpening's Followers they are reporting  on their so called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page an arrest warrant has been issued in the case for this correspondent. Yup, the cops are coming for Rob...

A check with the Barry County Clerk's office reveals the court has not issued any warrants in the case other than the original warrant issued for Michael Terpening last year.

Just another fact getting in the way.

The Terpening Followers bring up claims of witness tampering. I called Rodney, the formerly recanting witness, and told him he is being tampered with to which he replied, "ew goody."

The fact is the kids Michael Terpening is alleged to have abused are not all having the best of lives. As the court cases document, Mike's predatory behavior targeted young men at risk, many of whom are homeless or nearly homeless. As the case moves ahead many of these young men remain in difficult situations.

Mike Terpening and Earth Services, The House Next Door were supposed to help turn those lives in a better direction. Instead, if the allegations are to believed, Terpening used his organization to feed his sick predilections. His friends and family helped.

These are real young people who deserved far better than they got in life. After being victimized by their own families, they ran into Michael Terpening's appetite for young men.

To say I feel an obligation, as a citizen of the state who failed these kids, to offer what little I can to one decent, brilliant, thoughtful, kind young man who was put through hell by Michael Terpening and his parade of sycophants is an understatement. The people of this state blew it when Rodney needed us, but when the kids Michael Terpening will never get his hands on needed Rodney: he stood ten feet tall. Regardless of the outcome of the 3 criminal cases and the family court case to end Terpening's parental rights, Mike Terpening will be kept a long distance from young people from now on.

 The support I am willing to give Rodney is the same support I've given to my foster kids and my adopted son. I am here to listen. I am here to see if I cannot offer some ideas. Any support comes with strong moral values and no strings. I could not give one tinker's damn what Rodney says in court. I shared with Rodney a long time ago Mike Terpening is utterly unimportant to me.

And the truth is Rodney is a good man. The idea Rob is some important figure who owns the power to twist Rodney's words only shows how little the Terpening Followers ever thought about him in the first place. For me, that Rodney chooses on this day or any other, to allow me to stand by his side as a friend is a blessing to be honored. I feel that way about every friend in my life, Rodney is no different.

The Terpening Followers learned, recently, some of their abuse may have real consequences.  I am not a big fan of giving cash to anyone, but I wonder if the Followers choose to harm others knowing they lack the resources to defend their interests. I have no compunction about making the playing field equal and the fact a local attorney appeared on my behalf at the last hearing should be seen as the message these people have so far not received, I am serious about the case of Michael Terpening and the people he is alleged to have hurt. The victims stood up for justice when they were needed, and what little I can offer will be done.

The HILARIOUS UPDATE 9:11PM, June 11 2012

In yet another clever move, the Terpening Followers have updated the so called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page to say a warrant will be issued Rob does not appear.

The only problem is they forgot to delete the comment saying there is an arrest warrant.

Our spy inside the Terpening Bunker tells us two new people have been brought in to take on this website.

If you were one of the people wondering whatever happened to Beavis and Butthead, now you know and you heard it hear, first.