In his own words mike terpening plans suicide in the event of conviction on sex charges

Mike Terpening plans suicide in the event of convictionFormer Terpening Follower, Jen, provided the raw information leading to the arrest of Michael Terpening for violating the terms of his bond while he is free and facing charges of sexually abusing young people.

Jen also exchanged more than 5,000 instant messages with Michael Terpening since she came on board to help the Terpening Followers earlier this year.

Some of the messages are stunning, not the least of which is the exchange to the left in which Terpening makes clear if he is convicted he will commit suicide to avoid prison.

Jen reports having conversations with Terpening in addition to the chat we've posted on the website.

It seems regardless what the juries may decide in the three pending criminal cases Michael Terpening faces, he intends to cheat justice if it does not go his way.

Mike has one little problem, state courts tend to cuff defendants when they are found guilty and revoke bail. Given two of the three felony cases against Mike Terpening are capital cases, it seems unlikely he remains free should a jury of his peers find him guilty.