hannah coy is angry with this website? What does a supporter of an alleged child molester do when she is unhappy?

July 2, 2012

Hannah Coy Eaton County Sheriff EmployerIn the case of Hannah Coy she recycles one of accused child molester Michigan Terpening's failed threats word for word in a vain hope of intimidating this website.

Hannah Coy, Bellevue Village Council member and follower of accused child molester Michael Terpening seems irked at the recent story sharing Hannah Coy is working with a local sheriff's department in the jail.

Hannah's warning appeared on her Facebook page shortly after the story was published on this website. (see screen shot to the left)

One can assume the comment below the time stamp tells us the , "warning" is directed at this website as the cult like Terpening Followers have repeatedly referred to this writer as, "Dew Drops" while making threats about using their Faebook images and comments on this website.

The warning rang a familar chord as Coy's warning on July 2, 2012 appeared on Michael Terpening's Facebook page back in February, and it is the word for word warning Michael posted on his Facebook page.

After four known reports to the Barry County Sheriff's Department complaining about this website, numerous threats of action by Terpening Followers on their so-called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page, 2 phone calls from 2 of Terpening's 4 lawyers one would think Bellevue's elected Village Council member would understand lawyers, threats of civil suits and seeking criminal charges does not fly in a free society which cherishes the freedom of its people to speak their minds.

Hannah Coy Eaton Sheriff JailYet where Hannah Coy was as her fellow Terpening Followers repeatedly published the names of Michael Terpening's alleged victims on their Facebook page, on WOOD TV's website, on WWMT's website, and MLIVE while accusing the Michigan State Police and the Barry County Prosecutor's office of corruption? Did Hannah Coy issue even one warning to her friends?

Surely Hannah Coy knows about the teen victim Terpening, himself, accused of  of being sex offender in an interview with the so called Village Thinker of Battle Creek, Laura Adams. Did Hannah Coy fuss when Terpening's allegations show up first when the kid's name is plugged into Google? We've shared it with her and on this website she obviously follows. Hannah is silent as her friends posted the teen's first, middle and last name repeatedly on the so called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page. Hannah Coy did not protest when the same claims were posted on parental rights website, since removed by the owner of that site, accusing the young man of making up the story of abuse.

In fact, Hannah was in the game attacking those who dared speak up with her own threats, something chronicled on this website.

Why must Michael Terpening's alleged victims suffer the humiliation of having to explain to any employer or friend who comes across Michael Terpening's false allegations? And by the way they are false allegations, and the the defendant in this case damn well knows it. Hannah Coy is just another Terpening Follower who seeks to punish the young men who've spoken out against an accused child molester.

Ms. Coy if these kids, who have nothing, who were court ordered to live in Michael Terpening's placement are fair game to abuse in public so is your working for a law enforcement agency. Everyone has a right to their opinions. People have a right to ask whether you have the character to work with any law enforcement agency given how easily you accused other hard working law enforcement officials of abusing their solemn duty to protect our communities.

The number of kids accusing Michael Terpening of sex crimes since 1995 stands at 11, not counting the foster kids and kids in the group home he operated the prosecutor cannot charge because having sex with those kids is a matter of consent. 11 are the number who could not consent or where the straight up victims of the crime of Criminal Sexual Conduct by your friend.

Your warning is a childish bluff and it has been called.