linda timmons, the so called church lady and god's own judge at the house next door

If Michael Terpening is a sexual predator who also ran a child welfare agency, he needed dupes.

Linda Timmons, Terpening FollowersAlong come the Timmons, husband Mike P Timmons, the elected township supervisor in Assyria Township, Michigan and his wife, Linda Timmons.

In the video Linda Timmons begins by telling us the kids at the Terpening run child welfare agency  know only one language, "lying" she then adds the clarification they are not bilingual.

Mrs Timmons confirms Michael Terpening used to refer to this woman as, "The Church Lady."

But is this a church lady who is interested in a modern understanding of Christianity or is she just a dupe who uses religion to abuse others?  Last week, Linda Timmons came to this website to share some thoughts.

On a profile of her husband Timmons commented, "Multiple tours in Vietnam, 20 years of service in the Navy, achieveing (sic) the highest enlisted rank and you think you have the right to judge this man? You and your small mind are not fit to be in the same room with him. This country is worse off because of people like you . What is it that you tink (sic) you know that has convinced you before a trial has even been held, that a man is guilty? The world has to suffer fools like you, Miss T., and Xxxx Xxxxx but we don't have to do it quietly. "

Needless to say, this website makes no claim anyone is guilty...Nor does this website judge her husband. Is there judgment by the church lady evident in her comment? Does her religion teach the church lady to judge?

Mrs. Timmons did not stop her crusade with just one comment. Timmons goes on to comment on a story this website reported about Michael Terpening making clearly false claims against this writer saying there was involvement in a child sex ring, that I am on bond and was questioned by the Michigan State Police, "It appears that we will never plumb the depths of evil human beings are capable of and the vicious lies written on this website prove it. Who made you judge, jury and executioner of Mike Terpening? What moral right do you have to defame a persons character and attempt to influence negatively the outcome of an ALLEDGED crime. God has told us that as we judge we will be judged. You need to take that to heart and repent of the sinfilled  (sic)actions that you and your cohorts are doing. I will not pray for you bvecause (sic) at this moment I have no compassion in my heart for you. Satan is the father of lies and we know that no man can serve two masters. May God have mercy on your soul."

Really...Does anyone believe this is someone even trying to be a good Christian woman? Which master does Mrs. Timmons serve?

Final thought