terpening using son as part of defense?

Mike P Timmons, Republican and elected supervisor has been supporting Michael Terpening using his both his official officer as Assyria Township Supervisor and his wartime experience to judge young women as he defends Michael Terpening and accuses the Barry County Prosecutor of, "persecuting" Michael Terpening, Mike's son and people around Mr. Terpening.

We respect all veterans, especially those who serve in war time. At the same time comparing girls in grade school, and others, in Eaton County, where Mr. Timmons served as a volunteer at the hot dog stand, to bar girls with less than honorable intentions is disgusting in a society that does not believe how one dresses or the language one uses can be allowed as an excuse to hurt that person.

...and it really has nothing to do with this case. What does is the letter of recommendation Timmons signed in his official capacity for MIchael Terpening. What does matter is the preposterous idea the prosecutor is persecuting MIke's son when the prosecutor gets an investigation of Terpening's then 11 year old child with 30 kids talking about the child's perverse acting out.

Does Timmons ask where the child learned this behavior? Nope, Mike Timmons tells us he's never heard of this happening to a 12 year old. One wonders what research Timmons has done to be able to accuse the county prosecutor of using his office to persecute Mike Terpening.

Is this who the people of Assyria Township really want representing them?

DHS Reference Letter- Assyria Township, Michael Timmons 1/7/2009

Final thought