Is it true? The terpening followers upset over where a victim lives? Really?

July 18, 2012

As we've learned from the nearly 200 pages of transcripts from the Preliminary Hearing last September, not only from Michael Terpening's alleged victims, but from other witnesses Terpening is alleged to have approached for sex, Mike has a habit of going after young people who are in difficult situations. In the neglect case to terminate Terpening's parental rights to his 5 adopted and 3 birth children we learned there are, yet, more kids in Terpening's care he allegedly had sex with where charges could not be brought because force or coercion could not be shown. In fact, Senator Rick Jones got a bill passed through the Michigan Senate to make having sex with your foster kids a crime when he found out what Terpening is alleged to have done.

Currently, the victim count, if the prosecution allegations are proven,  stands at 11 going back to 1995 not including the young people not currently protected by law.

So now we have the allegations this writer is helping a victim with a place to stay. There have been allegations of providing money, a computer, gifts, and even a place to live. Is it true?

Sorry to disappoint, but please screw off Mike, you and all your cult like Terpening Followers.

Lets remember the kid's Michael Terpening was helping had nothing when they go to his place. They came from broken homes. They were abused.  For most of these young men their lives are beyond difficult with little support from family if family is even involved in their lives or could help if they were so inclined. Imagine aging out of the system with little ability to get any job let alone a job that supports any kind of decent life in a struggling economy living in small towns where jobs have rarely been plentiful without the education needed for a job that can support the most basic needs.

As a teen you were court ordered to live with Michael Terpening. Jamie Moore Bell , Terpening's aunt, needed massages, her husband Jerry Bell hit on you. Michael Terpening now stands accused of having a purpose far different than getting you ready for a difficult few years. Then the State of Michigan cut you lose to fend for yourself. Imagine just trying to afford to buy a bed and mattress, let alone get an apartment and fill it with even the cheapest furniture.

Terpening is charged.

A recant video appears online ostensibly courtesy the Terpening Followers with the witness they now complain lives in my home. If the allegation is true are there any stories of me or someone working with me shopping this young man around to do interviews?

The young man is escorted to the law offices of one of Terpening's lawyers to sign a letter absolving Terpening and another letter appears on Terpening's Facebook and the so called Justice For Michael Terpening Facebook page purportedly from the victim. His name is plastered all over the web in service of his alleged perpetrator. Another victim is named, as well.

So let's get something clear, Michael Terpening, you are of no importance to me. As someone whose fostered and adopted some 30 kids my priority is NEVER their perpetrator. The biggest win over any perpetrator is the success of their victims. Prosecutors handle criminal charges. Juries make findings of fact and judges sentence people found guilty of crimes. I play no role in that process and would have played no role in this case had Terpening's lawyers not called me to testify, fruitlessly, in search of the magic conspiracy to free this alleged predator from the judgment of a jury before trial.

Michael Terpening, this website has never called you guilty. Unless and until a jury of your peers so decides, it won't.

Any assistance would start by asking what that person wants, then determining if there is a role I can play in assisting  to meet their objectives.

The assistance desired would need to fit my mission; and my mission does not include using people to take down conditioning my support with demands of any kind. In other words, Michael, if all of your victims were living in my home and they all decided they did not want to pursue this case, it would be perfectly fine with me.

So rest easy, Michael, if the allegations are true I will not be shopping stories to the local media, it is the choice of your victims not me; it is not in my mission to exploit your victims. Don't worry about back seat recanting of the recant video or weird letters signed in lawyer's office; it is not in my mission to create my own internet court room to convict you.

The truth is, Mike Terpening, what you and your Terpening Followers continue to miss is you drive the work of this website. Who needs the prosecutors when you will make threats in the court parking lot? The pay off of this website is to show people what you are and you are  a huge help when you pull stunts like making sexual allegations against others online and calling teenage family members by weird pet  names online. Who needs to manipulate victims when the Terpening Followers get you arrested  for bond violations? Still you cannot connect this website is using your own arrogance to expose you for what you are, sir?

Mr. Terpening, if I were you I'd be far more concerned about what the Michigan Attorney General has in store for you, not some crack pot web guy in Comstock Park. Leave your victim alone, you are not the center of anyone's universe and that is as it should be, sir.