Terpening bond violation hearing- day two

Michael Terpening's bail was upped today to $750,000 cash up from a total of $400,000 in 3 previous cases. The original bond in the case has been dismissed. Terpening would need to put up the entire $750,000 in cash to bond out on the current charge.

Terpening Follower  Susan Ward Gillihan testified for the defense that, while her minor grandchildren were at the party, they were in a locked room with their father. Ward Gillihan also testified the witness at the party and former Terpening Follower, Jennifer, were not invited to the party where five children were present.

Jamie Moore Bell's husband testified in the hearing he lied to police when he told them Moore Bell was in daily contact with Terpening. Testimony yesterday revealed Jerry Bell was recorded saying in a police cruiser following his arrest on domestic violence that Moore Bell was in daily contact with Terpening in violation of the court's no contact order.

Terpening's lawyer did not challenge the testimony from Jenifer that Mike wanted the lying to continue by the "recanting" witness.  The court found it was uncontroverted Terpening was not living where he told the court he was living and asked former Follower, Jennifer, to continue, "lying."