jamie moore bell, the mother who does not listen?

Jamie Moore Bell has strongly reacted over the past few weeks to some information in her Follower profile on this website. It started with a shortJamie Moore Bell

Since publishing the information, this writer's been on the defense in conversations with the Barry County Sheriff's Department, Jamie Moore Bell through email, one of Jamie's son's by email and even Katie Rucinski's blog where Jamie Moore Bell has repeatedly registered with Jamie's typical abuse.

Intentionally, corrections have been made to Jamie's not very clever rewrite of what's been reported on this site. What is the big deal? Why is Jamie reacting to one statement?

Perhaps the answer lies in people being accustomed to the dysfunction of the Terpening Followers. Maybe we should ask how the average, well adjusted parent responds to a close family member being arrested for awful allegations of being a sexual predator? Assume you knew nothing about abuse. Assume you were close to this family member. Consider the allegations go back more than a decade.

You have two sons, both close to the age of the victims.

How about this for a response, "I am a parent. These allegations are awful. My, two, kids are close in ages to the alleged victims in this case. My kids spent a lot of time with my family member. When he was arrested the first thing I did was was talk to my kids to ask them what they knew, if anything..."

The mother who first looked out for her kids, then told the world what she found out after talking with her boys...Isn't this a strong statement for Mike Terpening? Yet, to date, Jamie's online activity never gets near the statement of a good mother who first did her job as a concerned parent.

God forbid anyone ever finds themselves in the situation, but how could either of Jamie's kids tell her anything when the first thing Jamie did was a full throated, wild attack on everyone who does not share her views Mike Terpening is innocent? Would the cascade of filth flowing from her mouth allow her kids to have a tough conversation with Jamie? How would they be treated if they said something contrary to what Jamie has declared the truth to be?