Susan Ward Gillihan admits to crime

One has to wonder what goes through the minds of  the Terpening Followers...Was Susan Ward Gillihan looking for an encore after hosting the Susan Ward Gillihan

 party that helped Michael Terpening get arrested on multiple on Susan Ward Gillihan
bond violations?

It wasn't enough to have Susan's five grandchildren present at a St Patrick's Day party in violation of his bond? A witness in attendance didn't test the court's patience sufficiently for Susie?  Aunt Jamie Moore Bell, Mike's co-defendant, hanging around in violation of the court's order no contact order was not sweet icing enough on the cake?

Nope, our favorite felonious granny, playing a  lovable leprechaun hosting the shamrock celebration added one touch more to the Terpening blarney and wrote it on her blog for all to see.

Yes, Susan Ward Gillihan  admits to being tipsy while  serving an underage person at her St. Patrick's Day soiree.

Umm, Grandma Susie, just for your edification, in the State of Michigan the host of a party is responsible for ensuring underage people are not served alcohol. Allowing underage people to be served is a crime; and no, your being a bit sloshed does not remove your criminal liability.

With Susan Ward Gillihan on the job, we may end up with the whole lot of Followers in jail by the time Mike gets to trial. Once again, those of us truly interested in justice appreciate the confession and all the hard work Susan and the Terpening Followers do for the community.

With Followers like this, who needs prosecutors?

UPDATE 4/16/2012- Hmmmm...It seems the our favorite felonious granny has removed the post we screen shot above from her blog. Is she worried about prosecution?



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