anatomy of a terpening deceit- the confrontation outside the court on july 13, 2012 with michael terpening, his wife and mother

July 21, 2012

If you've had kids you've surely experienced a young person giving you part of the truth hoping you believe what they want you to believe. If you pay much attention to your kids half truths rarely work.

Comparing the reporting of this website (click here to read the word for word description of the incident) to what appears on the so called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page this writer wonders whose eight year old wrote Mike Terpening's version of the incident behind the court house with this writer on July, 13, 2012.

Michael Terpening Confrontation Outside the Court July 13, 2012Reviewing the Terpening's version of the story we see that this reporter, "tried to start a fight with Michael in the parking lot AND told Michael's wife..."

Two acts, right? Okay, so Mike, what did this writer do to try and start a fight? Something got left out, buddy.

In our reporting there was a sheriff's deputy pulling into the drive of the court parking lot who paused watching the incident. Who would look to start a fight knowing law enforcement would witness the incident? Michael, the really believable deceit has to account for the deputy, maybe just by saying our reporting was false.

Strangely, Terpening's version is almost contradicted by his Terpening Followers in another post on the Facebook page where they only complain Terpening was approached. (see below)

Okay, Mike so which is it? Effort to start a fight or you were approached?

Michael Terpening Confrontation Outside Barry County Court HouseAs the gag order and the work of this website have effectively shut down the Michael Terpening campaign of abuse his accusers,  the Terpening Followers no longer pretend to try and convince the public of Terpening's innocence. The core of the online posts by Terpening's cult like Followers seems to be convincing themselves while abusing newly found victims in this writer, people close to Terpening's family and even lawyers attached to other cases Terpening faces; as well as their old foils, law enforcement.

Can this strategy of really bad telling of half truths get charges dropped or result in a not guilty verdict? What do these people really believe is the value in their campaign?

If this writer were working with the defense I'd be pretty upset with Michael Terpening and his Terpening Followers. Do these people  want to take a chance even one possible juror says nothing to the court when he or she is asked questions and does not disclose having seen their preposterous abuse of others online? Terpening faces decades in prison in this case, life in another case several years in the insurance fraud case not to mention the loss of his parental rights should a Family Court jury terminate his rights to his eight kids.

Mr. Terpening, some friendly advice, either get good at telling lies or stop doing it; even our kids learn when it does not work.