mike's sex talk since his arrest...what do you think? 

March 18, 2012

Michael Terpening Sex CommentsMichael Terpening faces decades in prison for allegedly sexually abusing boys. This website has refused to take a stand on his guilt, but are their hints in Terpening's behavior following his arrest?

We first reported on Terpening's comment to a 19 year old relative, referring to him as, "little fella." We reported on it because, in many respects, it is hard to guess where this case is going. Better to report what can be reported, as the full puzzle may yet come together.

This past week Terpening responded to this website in a big way, and in a few respects with some strange comments.

Ignoring the obviously false comments about this writer, doesn't Mike Terpening think about how people are going to perceive comments like those above? If you were a juror viewing these comments would you want to vote, "not guilty" or would you be wondering how in the world this man came up with the comment referring to young men in his family, "he wanted to buy one of them a bathing suit and buy them lunch"?

What is going on in this man's soul to have come up with the child sex ring comment?

And once again this writer raises the question, this is a man who should ever have been a leader in child welfare?

Final thought