terpening's threats and intimidation?

Terpening Threats and Intimidation 

Okay so a website is created to discuss your criminal charges for sexually molesting vunerable kids placed in your home by Family Courts around Michigan.

What do you do?

If you're Michael Terpening you post what you believe is the person's address on the internet, complete with a link showing a street view of the property, along with spurious allegations!

To what end, Mike?

Doesn't this demonstrate  classic abuser and sex offender behaviors?

Aren't we seeing the lying, making fools of others while creating drama and excitement?

See our story, Sex Offender Behaviors?

Has someone bragged the police cannot do anything? Or commented on four Followers contacting the police asking for charges to be filed against a person exercising free speech?

Click here to read the statement on the police contacts.

Didn't we already debunk the silly allegations about hacking and this website being, "a virus made by the prosecution"?

Yes,  a picture of the house that burned was posted on the site,but after the inquiry from the Sheriff's Department, a voluntary step was taken to post the entire picture so there could be no doubt it was taken off the property. Newspapers take pictures of burned houses, we can do the same. No one set foot on any private property...Not sure that it matters, though, the law does not protect your house from being photographed, Mike.

Mike Terpening and the Followers did not do their homework. They have an old address, not the current address. They also did not notice Google says on the link addresses may be approximate. They have the house wrong in the picture.

Why post any address?  Does it matter if some misguided person knocks on a door in Wyoming and someone gets hurt? Does it matter it's the wrong door in the wrong town so they will not even get the right person?