Do the Followers read the documents?

Terpening Seeks to Remove LawyerMichael Terpening and his wife are seeking to remove the lawyer representing their biological children in the Family Court case. In that case, the State of Michigan is seeking to terminate Terpening's parental rights.

The image to the left makes one glaring misrepresentation. The motion filed with the court does not ask for additional parenting time. There will be no social worker reports or testimony in the hearing on April 2, 2012.

Is this Michael Terpening hyping up his Followers? Despite their call to action, will they catch the lack of any discussion about increasing Mr. Terpening's parenting time?

Are we seeing a set up to claim Mr. Terpening is the victim  of a corrupt system? Add the fake issue of parenting time, a hot button for the  Terpening Followers, and they remain hyped up when Michael Terpening says he was denied more parenting time, even though the issue is not even before the court? Or will he just say the corrupt judge refused to hear the issue?

Forget therapists, is there any reasonable person anywhere who is going to suggest more parenting time for a man about to go on trial for  sexually abusing five boys in his care? Who would suggest enhancing the relationship between Michael Terpening and his children when that enhancement may be interrupted with a stiff prison sentence? Wouldn't such an enhancement bring with it risk of trauma for the children beyond the obvious existing risk of losing their father.

Is there any point where Mr. Terpening's public acting out coincides with the actual interests of his children?

Final thought